For explicatioun of the actis maid befoir for punisment to rebellis contempnantlie remanand at the horne

Forsamekill as in the parliament haldin at Edinburgh, the xx day of October the yeir of God jM vC lxxix yeris, thair wes ane statute maid for punisment of rebellis contempnantlie remanand at the horne, in the quhilk it wes ordinit that all horningis execute befoir the dait of the said actis, within xv dayis efter the publicatioun thairof, and all horningis to be execute theirefter within xv dayis efter the denunciatioun, suld be dewlie registrat in the shereff clarkis bukis of the shirefdome quhair the said denunciatioun is maid, markit and signit be the said shereff clerk and deliverit agane to the partie, with expres provisioun contenit in the said actis that horningis not registrat efter the forme and tennour thairof suld mak na faithe nor be of ony force nor effect, as the said act at mair lenthe proportis; be the generalitie quhairof, syndrie doubtis arrisand, it wes proponit to our soverane lord and desirit to be declarit be his thrie estatis in parliament gif the provisioun of nullitie of horning thairin contenit for non registratioun thairof, according to the forme prescrivit in the said first act, suld have place in horningis execute at the instance of ane persoun decessit lang befoir the making of the said act, quhair the persoun denunceit wes also departit this lyf befoir the making of the same act, the purchessaris of the letteris of horning beand donatour to the eschaet and the gift of the said eschaet having takin full effect in the donatouris persoun lang of befoir, and thairthrow the donatour and purchessar of the letteris being satisfiit of his debt and the rebell punissit and departit this lyf befoir the said statute, quhilk culd na wayis be extendit to the personis quhilkis wer decessit befoir the making thairof and quhilkis wer punissit for thair said rebellioun; the kingis majestie, with avise of his saidis thrie estatis off parliament, being ryplie advisit thairwith, hes declarit and declaris that the said act off parliament is not nor sall not be heirefter extendit to sic horningis as wer execute at the instance of ony persoun depairtit this lyf befoir the dait thairof aganis the rebell quha decessit befoir the dait of the said act, and speciallie quhair the eschaet falling be the said horning wes disponit and the donatour had intromettit with the guddis, takis and possessionis contenit within the gift, bot that the said horning in the caus foirsaid, albeit the same be not registrat, hes bene and salbe in all tyme cumming of full force and effect. Likas alsua our said soverane lord and saidis thrie estatis foirsaidis declaris that all letteris of horning dewlie execute and indorsat for non compering to underly the law, or for not finding of souertie for2that effect reportit to the justice clerk and his deputtis as said3 is, hes bene and salbe als sufficient as gif the same wer registrat in the shireffis buikis quhair the saidis rebellis wer denunceit, and that it salbe sufficient that the horningis within stewartries and regaliteis be registrat within the bukis thairof, and that the horningis execute upoun personis for thair non comperance to beir witnesis sall neid na registratioun.

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