Procedure: protest; asking of instruments

The quhilk day, in presence of the kingis majestie and thrie estatis of this present parliament, comperit personallie ane noble and potent lord Johne, erll of Mortoun, lord Maxwell etc., and protestit that albeit our said soverane lord, with advise foirsaid, grantit to Sir Thomas Ker of Farnihirst, knycht, Thomas Ker of Caweris, Adam Trumbill in Bullirwell and certane utheris, thair collegis, the benefite of pacificatioun maid and concludit upoun at the burgh of Perthe, the xxiij day of Februar the yeir of God jM vC lxxij yeris, and thairby rehabilitand the saidis personis in generall to all their landis, levingis and possessionis quhilkis they or ony of thame brukit befoir the lait trublis in his hienes minoritie and taikin fra thame or ony off thame for quhatsumevir caus during the saidis trublis, as at mair lenth in the samyn is contenit; notwithstanding thairof, that the samyn suld not be hurtfull nor prejudiciall to the said erll anent ony debtis, decreittis or sowmes of money recoverit be him upoun the saidis personis, or ony of thame civillie be ordour of justice during the trublis foirsaidis, nathair yit to his rycht and possessioun of the landis of Pendiclehill, Wester Wedden, Sancthomas Chapell, the half of the hawche and half mylne of Maxwell, with thair pertinentis, lyand within the baronie and lordship of Maxwell and schirefdome of Roxburgh, pertening to the said erll heretablie; the quhilk protestatioun the kingis majestie, with avise of his saidis thrie estatis, admittit and ordinit thairupoun this present act and ordinance to be maid, quhairupoun the said erll askit instrumentis.

  1. NAS, PA2/12, f.107v.