Anent the cuming of schippis to the burrowis of the west cuntrie

2Oure soverane lord and his thre estatis of this present parliament ratifeis, apprevis and confirmis the act maid be his hines maist noble progenitoure, King James the Feird of guid memore, anent strangeris repairing within the realme with thair schippis and guidis, in all pointis, passis, clausis and articles thairof, and decernis the samyn to have full effect and strenth in tyme cuming efter the forme and tenoure thairof, with this additioun: that all maner of strangeris schippis and utheris repairing to west pairtis of this realme, west and north ilis thairof, cum to the kingis fre burrowis, sic as Kirkcudbrycht, Wigtoun, Air, Irving, Rothesay, Dunbartane or Renfrew, and thair mak their merchandice with fre men thairof of all maner of guidis, alsweill brocht within this realme be thame as tane furth of the samin, and pay thair custume and dewitie to the ordiner custumaris in thei pairtis quhair thei arryve and passis fra and tak thair cocquettis thair as the uthir legeis of the realme; inhibiteand expreslie the saidis strangeris that thei mak na maner of merchandice at the lochis of the west and north ilis, nor na uthir places not being fre burrowis, nor by onie merchandice or fische, bot saltit and barrellit, bot at fre burrowis, and that fra fre men, commanding expreslie all oure soverane lordis leigis that nane of3 conduct fraucht nor pilat onie stranger to the saidis ilis under quhatsumever cullour or pretence, to the defraud of oure soverane lordis leigis and of his hines custumes, under the pane of tynsall of lyff, landis and guidis; and commanding alswa all strangeris, resorteris and repaireris within the saidis ilis that they nor nane of thame do nor attempt onie deid or fact in contrair heirof, under the pane of amissioun, tynsell and confiscatioun of thair haill schippis and guidis; gevand alswa full power and commissioun to the provestis, bailleis and officiaris of the saidis burrowis, for quhom they salbe haldin to answer, to seirche, seik, tak, apprehend and imbring all the saidis strangeris, contravenaris of this present act, everie ane of thame within the boundis of thair jurisdictioun, and gif thei be fundin culpabill and brekeris heirof, to proceid and do justice thairupoun, and to appoint and tak up thair haill schippis and moveabill guidis, that is to say the twa pairt to oure soverane lordis use, quhairof thei sall mak yeirlie compt in his hines chekker, and the thrid pairt to the apprehendar of the saidis contraveneris of the said act; and ordanis lettres of publicatioun to be direct heirupoun, gif neid beis, in forme as efferis.

  1. NAS, PA2/12, ff.74r-v.
  2. In the margin: a cross denotes acts to be printed.
  3. APS reads, '... nane of them ...'.