Aganis fugitivis and utheris papistis practising aganis the trew religioun

2Forsamekill as certane fugitivis and utheris personis, oure soverane lordis borne subjectis now remaning furth of this realme, professing thame selffis the subjectis and servandis of uthir princes, upoun disdane and malice borne be thame aganis the trew and Christiane religioun now publictle preichit and be law establischit within this realme, ceissis not safar as in thame lyis to pervert the youth of this natioun passing furth of this realme to the sculis and to visite uthir cuntreis, and als makis, settis furth, sendis hame and causis to be dispersit in this realme diverse famous buikis and libellis in prais and defence of the Paip and his usurpit authoritie, dampnit be Goddis word and oure soverane lordis lawis; as alswa sindrie of the same personis presumes oftymes to repair in this realme thame selffis, under culoure to seik the recoverie of thair helth be the air of thair native cuntrie, intending to seduce the simpill and ignorant pepill and utheris ony wayis affectit to thair superstitious and erroneous doctrine. For remeid quhairof, it is statute and ordanit be oure soverane lord, with advise of his thre estatis, that the actis maid for punischment of his hines subjectis, adversareis to the trew and Christiane religioun and persounis suspectit to haif declinit thairfra, be put in dew execusioun in all poyntis, with this additioun: that it sall not be lesum to ony of the saidis personis, his hines subjectis or strangerris (not being ambassadouris, messingerris nor merchandeis), adversareis of the trew and Christiane religioun, or that hes declinit thairfra, to returne in this realme or remane thairin, except within the space of fourtie dayis eftir the end of this present parliament they satisfe and obey his hines lawis anent the geving of thair confessioun and assenting and subscriving to the artickillis of the said trew and Christiane religioun; and in the manetyme, that nane of thame repair in the kingis majesteis presence, palice or duelling place, or remane langer nor thre houris in onie pairt neir the same within the space of sevin myles; and quhaever failyeis heirin (thair names being notifeit be the bischopis, superintendentis or ministeris of the kingis hous to the ordinar juges quhairever the saidis persounis repairis or remanis), they salbe takin and haldin in presoun be his maister of houshald or uthir judges ordiner ay and quhill they have found sufficient souertie, ilk persoun under the pane of fyve hundret markis that they sall outher recant thair errouris and obey his hines lawes be professing of the said Christiane religioun or depairt furth of the realme within the space of fyftene dayis thairefter. And that alswa in the meane season, they sall nouthir teache nor saw the said Papis erroneus doctrine, nor na uther erroneus doctrine repugnand to the said trew and Christiane religioun now publiclie prechit and be law establischit in this realme to nane of the subjectis thairof, outher be wordis or write, under the said pane, and that all his hines subjectis that hes or sall mak, sett furth, bring hame, sell or dispers within this realme onie of the saidis famous buikis and libellis in the praise and defence of the said Paip and his usurpit authoritie or uthir erroneus doctrine, to the contempt of oure soverane lord and trew religioun presentlie professit within this realme, being callit and dewlie convictit thairfoir, according to the lawis of the same, sall incur be pane of banischment and confiscatioun of all thair guidis moveabill to oure soverane lordis use. And becaus sindrie personis, dissobeyarris of his hines authoritie, for non geving of the confessioun of thair fayth conforme to the actis of parliamentis, hes thairthrow tint thair benefices ipso facto, the same being lawfullie and dewlie providit be oure soverane lordis presentatioun and admission of the kirk to personis serving in the ministerie and the fruittis thairof assignit to thame for thair yeirlie livingis and stipendis, nevertheles, in seiking lettres to be answerit and obeit of the saidis fruittis, they ar oftymes hinderit throw licences purchessit of oure soverane lord to the saidis personis departing and remaning furth of the realme for diverse yeris withoute skaith or danger to be incurrit be thame in thair persones, levingis, guidis and geir, in respect of the quhilkis licences the juges, befoir quhome they ar producit, stayis and ceissis further proceding in the saidis caus, to the greit hurt and prejudice of the act of his hines parliament, intitulat 'That the adversareis of Christis religioun sall not enjoy the patrimony of the kirk'. For remeid quhairof, it is statute and ordanit be oure soverane lord and thre estatis of this present parliament that all sic licences purchessit of his hines sall have na effect, strenth nor force, annulland and dischargeand the same be thir presentis insafar as they may ony wayis tend to the prejudice and hinder of the execusioun of the saidis actis of parliament, or to the titles and provisionis of benefices and utheris ecclesiasticall rentis maid and grantit be vertew thairof, commanding the saidis juges, befoir quhome the saidis actionis ar or salhappin to be intentit or dependis, to proceid and do justice thairin with expeditioun, notwithstanding the saidis licences or absence of the personis in quhais favoure the same ar or salhappin to be grantit, quhilkis licences salbe estimit as privie wrytingis withoute ane sufficient testimoniall instantlie schawin, that the person to quhome the same licence is grantit professis the trew religioun and hes already satisfeit his majesteis lawes maid to that effect.

  1. NAS, PA2/12, ff.68r-v.
  2. In the margin: a cross denotes acts to be printed.