Aganis passing in pilgramage to chapellis, wellis and croces, and the superstitious observing of diverse uther papisticall rytes

2Forsamekill as pairt for want of doctrine and raritie of ministeris, and pairtlie throw the pervers inclinatioun of mannis ingyne to superstitioun, the dregges of idolatrie yit remanis in divers pairtes of the realme be using of pilgramage to sum chappellis, wellis, croces and sic uther monumentis of idolatrie, as also be observing of the festvall dayis of the santes, sumtyme namit their patronis, in setting furth of bain fyris, sing of caroles within and about kirkis at certane seasones of the yeir, and observing of sic utheris superstitious and papisticall rytes to the dishonore of God, contempt of the trew religioun and fostering of greit errore amang the peopill; for remeid quhairof, it is statut and ordanit be oure soverane lord, with advise of his thre estatis in this present parliament, that nane of his hines lieges presume or tak upoun hand in tyme cuming to hant, frequent or use the saidis pilgramages or utheris the foirnamit superstitious and papisticall rytis under the panis following, videlicet, ilk gentill man or woman landit, or wyfe of the gentilman landit, ane hundret pundis, the unlandit ane hundret markis and the yeman fourtie pundis, for the first falt; and for the secund falt, the offendaris to suffer the pane of deith as idolateris. And for the better execusioun heirof, commandis, ordanis and gevis power to all schireffis, stewartis, bailyeis, provestis, aldermen and bailyeis of burrowis, lordis of regaliteis, thair stewartis and bailyeis and utheris quhome it sall pleis oure soverane lord to grant speciale commissioun to seirche and seik the personis passing in pilgramage to onie kirkis, chapellis, wellis, croces or sic uthir monumentis of idolatrie, as alsa the superstitious observaris of the festvall dayis of the santes, sumtimes namit thair patronis, quhair thair is na publict fayris and mercatis, setteris oute of bainfyris, singeris of caroles within and about kirkis, and of sic utheris superstitious and papisticall rytis, and apprehending thame in the actuale deid of the transgressioun of this present act, eftir spede jugement of thair transgressioun, to put and hald thame in presone and firmance ay and quhill thay redeme thair libertie be payment of the panes abone writtin and find cawtioun to abstene in tyme cuming, under the pane of doubling of the same pane; and gif the personis apprehendit be not abill to redeme thair libertie be payment of the saidis pecuniall panes, that then they keip the personis transgressouris in presoun, irnis or stockis upoun breid and wattir, for the space of ane moneth eftir thair apprehensioun, causand thame quhen thai ar sett at libertie, outher find cawtioun or mak fayth to abstene thairefter; and in cais thei happin to pas furth of the schire quhair thai offend unapprehendit, that the schireffis and uther ordiner juges of the nixt schire, burgh or jurisdictionis apprehend thame and proceid in likemaner aganis thame, declairand the ane half of the pecuniall panis to pertene to the saidis ordiner juges for thair panes and for sustenyng of the personis to be kepit in waird, irnis or stockis, and the uther half to be inbrocht to the use of the puir of the parochin.

  1. NAS, PA2/12, f.67v.
  2. In the margin: a cross denotes acts to be printed.