Cunye, alswele of gold as silver

2Forsamekle as the kingis majestie, his nobilitie, counsale and estaitis presentlie convenit, considering the skaith and incommoditie that his hienes and the comoune wele of this realme hes ressavit and daylie ressavis throw the great quantitie of allayit money haveand cours within the same, be occasioun quhairof the derth of all thingis increscis and als fals and counterfute money hes passage and course thairwith, the same being sa subtilie wrocht and in sic forme of metall that it is verie hard to ignorantis to decerne and knaw the trew fra the fals, quhairupoun greter inconvenient is able to follow, to the great hurt of the comoune weill of this haill realme gif tymous remeid be not providit; thairfore oure said soverane lord, with mature advise and deliberatioun of his saidis nobilitie, counsale and estaitis presentlie convenit, following the gude exemple of fluresing commounwelthis preceding cheiflie [...] the occasioun of the fynes of the money currant within the same, for the weill and proffite of his majestie and his subjectis, eschewing of derth and of mony uther inconvenientis, all in ane voce, hes concludit, statute and ordanit that all the haill layit money and uther quhatsumevir silver cunye within this realm (except the stampit plakkis and penneis) salbe reformit and reducit to the fynes of ellevin deneris, with twa granis of remeid of fynes, alsweill under as above; and to this effect, that all the severall sortis of lay and uther cunyeit silver foirsaid (except befoir exceptit) be brocht in to the maister of his hienes cunyehous, be generall proclamatioun, upoun the prices that thay ar presentlie currant within this realme (except the fals and counterfute, quhilk salbe clippit doune and deliverit agane clippit to the owner). Attoure, it is alsua concludit, statute and ordanit that their salbe ane penny or pece of gold struccin of xxj carrat fyne, with twa granis of remedis, alsweill abone as under, quhairof fyve of thame sall mak ane unce Paricii, and ilk pece to have course for foure pundis, foure schillingis, with two granis of wecht of remedis, alsweill licht as heavie, of ilk pece, and that ilk unce of silver parisien in cunyeit money be set furth for fourtie foure schillingis money of this realme, tobe cunyeit in severall pecis berand sic forme, wecht, circumscriptioun and remedis as his majestie, with avise of the lordis of his previe counsale, resident with his hienes for the tyme, sall think gude; to quhom his majestie, with avise of his saidis nobilitie, counsale and estaitis presentlie convenit, gevis full power, auctoritie and comissioun to this effect; as alsua to sett takkis of the said cunyehous and proffites thairof for sic ressonable space as salbe thocht convenient for the better commoditie of his majestie and the advanceing of his hienes as the occasioun sall sa require.

  1. NAS, PC1/10, p.538.
  2. Small gaps in text due to slight damage to the edge of the manuscript.