Letters: privy seal letters to the community of Aberdeen

Robert, by the grace of God king of Scots, to the alderman, bailies and community of Aberdeen, greeting. Since the church of Aberdeen and the bishops who were for the time, from the generosity and concession of God's devotees the princes of the kingdom of Scotland, our predecessors, have enjoyed certain liberties, franchises, privileges and customary rights, both in the harbour and in the lands within and outwith the burgh of Aberdeen, for buying, selling, leasing and many other practices from and throughout a time beyond the beginnings of the memories of men, peacefully and quietly, and the venerable father Adam [de Tyninghame,] the present bishop of Aberdeen, has also enjoyed to the same liberties and privileges, franchises and customs during his time, you, nevertheless, as we understand, endeavour and threaten to disturb and obstruct this reverend father so that he is unable peacefully to enjoy his liberties, franchises and customary rights, to his and the said church's considerable and heavy prejudice; wherefore we order and command you that you entirely desist from such threats, endeavours and disturbances henceforth, and you should allow the same reverend father and his church freely to enjoy the usual liberties, franchises and customary rights, since he presents himself in our presence prepared to answer justice with you, acting in such a way that henceforth we should not hear [any further] just complaint from him upon these matters. Given under our privy seal in our council held at Stirling on the last day of February in the fifteenth year of our reign [28 February 1385].

  1. NLS, Registrum Aberdonense, Adv. Ms 16.1.10, f.114v. Foliation refers to that written in ink, not that in pencil, which gives this as f.113v.