Anent the transporting of coillis furth of the realme, cap. 24

2Item, oure soverane lord and thrie estaitis of parliament ratifeis and apprevis the act of parliament maid in the regnne of the quene, his hienes dearest mother, anent the transporting of coillis furth of this realme, and ordanis the samyne to be put to executioun in all poyntis aganis the contravenaris thairof efter the forme and tennour of the samyne, with this additioun: that the revelair and apprehendair of the contravenaris of the said act and persewaris of thame to be convict thairfoir salhave the thrid part of the eschaet of the contravenaris for thair travellis.

  1. NAS, PA2/12, f.29v.
  2. 'P' written in margin.