For executioun of the act of parliament maid anent bering, wering and schuting of culveringis and daggis, cap. 21

2Forsamekle as be ane act of parliament maid in the first yeir of oure soverane lordis regnne it wes statute and ordanit that na maner of persone or personis of quhatsumevir estate, degre or conditioun schute with culveringis, daggis, pistolettis or ony uther gunnis or ingynis of fyrewerk in ony part of this realme, nouthir to burgh nor to land, nor beir, weir or use ony culveringis, daggis, pistolettis or ony uther sic ingyne of firewerk upoun thair personis or in cumpany with thame privatlie or oppinlie outwith housis without licence of oure soverane lord, undir the pane of cutting of thair richt hand and further panes specifiit in the said act of parliament, as the samyne at lenth proportis, quhilk hes not bene put to dew executioun in tyme bigane be ressone of the troublis intervenyng; and thairthrow mony hes takin libertie to beir, weir and use culveringis, daggis, pistolettis and utheris ingynis of fyrewerk within burrowis and utheris places of his realme, quhairthrow divers of his hienes liegis hes bene schamefullie and cruellie murtherit, slane and hurt in redding and utherwyse, quhilkis wer hable anewch to have maid defence sufficientlie for thame selffis at all tymes of persute; and sum part of the occasioun quhy the said act hes not tane executioun wes be ressone of the pane of deith or demembering, quhilk the ordiner juges hes bene laith to execut, thairfoir oure soverane lord and thrie estaitis foirsaidis ordanis the said act to be newly publishit and that na maner of persone nor personis beir, weir, use nor shute culveringis, daggis or pistolettis within burrowis or outwith the samyne in tyme cuming utherwise nor the said act and exceptionis thairof proportis, undir the pane of tene pundis money of this realme and the gunn and armour they beir, to be pait be ilk persone contravenand and doand in the contrair, without prejudice of the uther panes gif the kingis majestie wilhave the samyn execut; and for executioun thairof, makis and constitutis the provestis, aldermen and baillies within burgh his majesties justices in that part, every ane within thair fredomes and jurisdictioun, with power to thame to searche, tak and apprehend the offendouris and contravenaris and put thame to the knawlege of ane assise, and, being convict, to hald thame in waird quhill the pane foirsaid be pait; and to tak siclike souirtie of the personis convictit, to foirbeir in tyme cuming, undir the double of the said pane; and the panes quhilkis beis upliftit to be employit to the support of the puyr; and this act to serve for sufficient commissioun to the saidis provestis, aldermen and baillies of burrowis to the effect foirsaid.

  1. NAS, PA2/12, ff.28v-29r.
  2. 'P' written in margin.