Anent packing, peiling, forstalling and transporting of hering and quheit fische, cap. 20

2Forsamekle as divers actis hes bene maid be oure soverane lordis maist noble progenitouris in tyme bigane ordanyng that the slayaris of hering and quheit fische sould bring the samyne to the nixt adjacent burrowis and townis quhair the personis, slayeris thairof, duellis, to the effect that oure said soveranis liegis may be first servit, and, gif abundance occurrit, that they micht be sellit and transportit be frie burgesis; and that the saidis actis, throw negligence and oversicht, hes not ressavit executioun, quhairthrow oure soverane lord hes bene greitlie defraudit of his custumes, and his hienes liegis wantit the fruict of the sey appointit be God for thair nurishement, and the burgesis and fremene of burrowis disapoyntit of thair trafficque and commoditie; thairfoir oure soverane lord and thrie estaitis of parliament ratifeis and apprevis all the saidis actis and constitutionis maid anent the saidis hering and quheit fische and useing thairof, specialie the actis maid in the tyme of umquhile his hienes dearest grandsir King James the Feird, of gude memorie, and be his majestie the tyme of the regiment of his richt traist cousing James, erle of Mortoun, lord of Dalkeyth, regent to his hienes, his realme and liegis for the tyme, and ordanis all and sindrie the saidis actis to be observit and keipit in all poyntis efter the forme and tennour thairof and the contravenaris of the samyn to be punist according thairto, and that all schirreffis, stewartis and baillies, lordis of regalities, provestis, aldermen and baillies of burrowis and jugeis ordinar quhatsumevir put the saidis actis to executioun upoun the contravenaris thairof, and to that effect grantis and gevis to thame power and commissioun of justiciarie, every ane within the boundis of thair awin liberties and jurisdictioun, and to uptak the eschaetis of the contravenaris being convict, the tua pairt to the kingis majesties use, and to makcompt thairof yeirlie in his hienes chekker, and the thrid part of the samyne to the saidis jugeis, executouris, for thair travell and laubouris.

  1. NAS, PA2/12, f.28v.
  2. 'P' written in margin.