Anent the distroyaris of planting, hanyng and policie, cap. 18

2Forsamekle as thair is sindrie lovable and gude actis maid be oure soverane lordis maist noble progenitouris, specialie be his gudeschir, King James the Fift of gude memorie, anent planting of woddis, forestis and orcheardis, sawing of broume, aganis the distroyaris thairof, brekaris of dowcattis, cunnyngharis, parkis, stankis, yairdis, orcheardis, slaying of hairis, makaris of mureburne in forbiddin tyme and sindry like uther thingis for punishment of the distroyaris of planting, hanyng and policie, quhilkis actis oure said soverane lord, with avise of his thrie estaitis in this present parliament, ratifeis, apprevis and confirmis and ordanis thame to have effect and executioun in tyme cummyng not onlie upoun the contravenaris thairof, bot alsua upoun the distroyaris and steillaris of beis and cutters and pullers of brwme, with this additioun: that quhatever persone steillis, peillis and distroyis grenewod or pullis or cuttis hanyt, brwme, brekkis yairdis and orcheardis without the gude will of the awner, that the offendour being takin reidhand may be persewit and put to the knawlege of ane assyisis befoir the baroun or landislord of the landis and ground, quhether the offendour be his tennent unto quhome the wrang is done or not, within thrie dayis efter the apprehensioun; and utheris not takin reidhand, to be alwayis persewit befoir the schirref, stewart or baillie within quhais boundis and jurisdictioun the wrang doar duellis; and gif he that ressavis the wrang and hurt beis schirref, stewart or baillie him self, then the wrang doar to be persewit befoir the unsuspect deput of the said schirref, stewart or baillie ressaving the wrang. And for the first falt, beand convict be his awin confessioun or witnes, sall pay to the awner of the wod, brume or yaird the availl of the skayth done, togider with tene pundis; for the secund falt sall pay to the said awner xx lib. and the availl of it that is distroyit; and for the thrid falt sall pay to the said awner xl lib. and the availl of it that is skaythit; and frathynefurcht, sa oft as the offendour failyeis, thaireft the said thrid penaltie to be pait to the awner of the wod, brume or yairdis. Bot incais the committar of the wrang be unresponsall, he sall for the first falt be put in the stokkis, presoune or yrnis aucht dayis on breid and wattir; and for the secund falt xv dayis; and for the thrid falt a moneth to ly in stokkis as said is, and to be scurgit at the end of the said moneth; and this but prejudice to be callit at justice courtis at oure soverane lordis instance conforme to the former use and auld actis, and that the panes for breking of the dowcattis, cunnyngharis, parkis be according to this present act and additioun above writtin. And in cais the offendouris be not responsall in guidis for the saidis panes, for the first falt to be punishit as is befoir writtin; and for the secund falt the pane likewise abone expressit; and for the thrid falt hanging to the deid.

  1. NAS, PA2/12, ff.28r-v.
  2. 'P' written in margin.