Anent the cheising of inquestis in causses of perambulatioun, cap. 13

2Becaus thair is mony and sindrie breiffis of perambulatioun raisit within this realme, quhairin the raisaris and persewaris of the saidis breiffis foundis thame selffis upoun na boundit evident bot intendis to verifie and preif thair clame of the meythis and marches of the landis debatable be the personis of inqueist, beand men of small rent or leiving and sum of thame haveing na heritage, and siclike be sindrie personis quha kennis not the landis debetable, naither yit duellis in the cuntrie neir the samyne, thinking na obiectioune may be maid aganis thame, sua they be probi et fideles homines patrie, quhilk, as sum think, is honnest and faythfull, haveing geir worth the kingis unlaw and subjectis of the realme quhair evir they dwell far or neir, quhilk, gif it wer trew, men of na heritages sould be juges and alsua witnesses to the propertie of landis and tak away mennis heritage and landis pertening to thame and adjuge the same to utheris quha hes litill or na richt to the samyne. Thairfoir it is statut and ordanit that in all tyme cumming in causses of perambulatioun, na personis be ressavit upoun the inqueist thairof bot honest, substantious men haveing heritage of thair awin and quha knawis best the meythis of the saidis landis and duellis maist ewest the samyne, to wits, within the sherefdome quhair the saidis landis debetable lyis (gif they may be had within the samyne) and four halffis about or four nixt schyris gif they can not convenientlie be had within the schire it self, and this to be universalie observit quhen the breif and clame of perambulatioun can not be verifiit be ane boundit evident nor uther autentik writtis.

  1. NAS, PA2/12, ff.27v-28r.
  2. 'P' written in margin.