For releiff of the laboraris of the ground troublit for want of tymous teynding of thair cornis, cap. 6

2The kingis majestie and thrie estaitis of this present parliament, understanding the greit skayth and inconvenient sustenit be the lauboraris of the ground within this realme throw the default of the teynding of thair coirnis in dew tyme be the malice of sic as hes title or takkis of thair saidis teyndis, oftymes causing the saidis lauboraris of the ground, for default of teynding of thair saidis coirnis in dew tyme, to tyne thair coirnis or fall in the danger of spuilyie; for remeid quhairof, oure said soverane lord, with avise of his saidis thrie estaitis, statutis and ordanis that all personis havand title or takkis to ony teyndschaves and being in use of teynding, or intending onywyse to leid the same, sall pas or send and caus teynd the saidis coirnis ay as the same is rady, within aucht dayis efter the shering thairof, quhilk, gif they dilay, to do then at the end of the requisitioun undir writtin. It salbe lauchfull to the awner of the saidis coirnis to tak tua honest nyghtboris sworne in presens of famous witnessis and to teynd his saidis coirnis, leid the stok thairfra and place the teynd stakkit upoun the ground, quhilk the awner of the saidis coirnis salbe haldin to keip undistroyit and eittin be beistis quhill the first day of November thairefter, providing that he require teynding of the party havand title or richt to the saidis teyndschaves oppinlie in the parroche kirk upoun thrie severall Sondayis afoir noune efter the schering of the saidis coirnis; quhilk ordour, being dewly and faythfullie observit be the awner of the saidis coirnis, it salbe sufficient warrand and defence for him aganis all actioun of spuilyie that may be persewit aganis him for intromissioun with his saidis coirnis he teyndand thankfullie with the persone havand title or tak of his saidis teyndis and making na impediment to the teynding and leiding thairof in hie wayis or upoun ony ground that is schorne.

  1. NAS, PA2/12, f.24v.
  2. 'P' written in margin.