Anent the youth and utheris beyond sey suspectit to have declinit frome the trew religioun, cap. 4

2Item, becaus sindrie of the youth of this realme passing to the partis beyond sey becummis corruptit in religioun, quhairof greit inconvenient may follow, thairfoir it is statute and ordanit that all personis, the sonnis of nobilmen, gentilmen or utheris pretending the caus of thair depture to be for atteaning to further knawlege in lettres, sall, befoir thair said departure, sute and obtene the kingis majesties licence to that effect, contenyng a provisioun that they sall remane constant in the professioun of the trew religioun publictlie preachet and be law establishit within this realme, and do, nor procuir, na thing to the prejudice thairof or of his hienes and his auctoritie undir the pane of baratrie; as alsua the saidis personis within the space of xx dayis efter thair returning within this realme sall pas to the bischop, superintendent or commissioner of the kirkis within the boundis quhair they arryve or happynnis to mak residence and thair offer to mak and gif the confessioun of thair fayth according to the trew and Christiane religione preachet and be law establishet within this realme, or then within xl dayis thairefter devoid and remove thame selffis furth of this realme; quhairin, gif thai failyie, that they be admonishit and persewit as the adversaris of the said trew religioun. And for sic personis as ar alrady furth of this realme and hes declynit from the trew religioun, that the ordour appointit in the lawis alrady maid be used and executit aganis thame according to the directioun and tennour thairof in all poyntis.

  1. NAS, PA2/12, f.24v.
  2. 'P' written in margin.