2Anent the trew and haly kirk and of thame declarit not to be of the same, cap. 1

3Oure soverane lord, with avise and consent of the thrie estaitis and haill body of this [...]liament, ratifeis and apprevis all and quhatsumevir actis and statutis maid of befoir be his hienes, with avise [...] regentis in his awin regnne or his predicessouris, anent the freidome and libertie of the trew kirk of God and religioun now presentlie professit within this realme, and specialie ratifeis and apprevis the sext act of his hienes parliament haldin in the first yeir of his hienes regnne, intitulat 'Anent the trew and haly kirk and of thame that ar declarit not to be of the samyne', ordaning the same to be heir insert of new (becaus of sum defectioun and informalitie of wordis in default of the prentair) in this forme: Oure soverane lord, with avise of his thrie estaitis and haill body of this present parliament, hes declarit and declaris the ministeris of the blissed evangel of Jesus Chryst, quhome God of his mercie hes now raisit up amangis us, or heirefter sall raise, aggreing with thame that now levis in doctrine and administratioun of the sacramentis, and the people of this realme that professis Jesus Christ as he is now offerit in his evangell, and do communicat with the haly sacramentis as in the reformit kirkis of this realme ar publictlie administrat according to the Confessioun of the Fayth, to be the only trew and haly kirk of Jesus Christ within this realme; and decernis and declaris that all and sindrie quha uther gaynesayis the word of the evangell, ressavit and apprevit as the heidis of the confessioun of the fayth professit in parliament of befoir in the yeir 1560, as alsua specifiit and registrat in the actis of parliament maid in the first yeir of his hienes regnne, mair particularlie dois expres, ratifeit alsua and apprevit in this present parliament, or that refusis the participatioun of the haly sacramentis as they ar now ministrat, to be na membris of the said kirk within this realme and trew religioun now presentlie professit, sa lang as they keip thame selffis sa devydit from the societie of Christis body.

  1. NAS, PA2/12, ff.23v-24r.
  2. At NAS, PA2/12, f.24r, a corner of the page has torn off, resulting in slight damage to the text.
  3. 'P' written in margin.