Tueicheing the disheresing of the posteritie of thame that ar convict of the murtheris of the king oure soverane lordis dearest father and tua regentis, cap. x

2Forsamekle as be the actis, lawis and constitutionis of this realme maid be oure soverane lordis maist noble progenitouris, the crymes of tressone and lesemajestie hes bene maist seveirlie punishit, not onlie in the personis actuall committaris thairof, bot alsua in the personis of thair posterities, quhilkis, for the faultis of thair progenituris, wer declarit to be unable to acclame ony heritages, lordschippis, landis or possessionis within this realme; and that in tressonis quhilkis ar not of sa greit wecht and gravitie as ar the tressonis committit in the schamefull and detestable murtheris of umquhile oure soverane lordis dearest father and his tua regentis and, thairfoir, in the horrour of the saidis detestable murtheris and to the terroure of utheris to commit the like in tyme cummyng, it is statute and ordanit be oure soverane lord, with avise of his thrie estaitis of this present parliament, that the bairnis, alsweill naturall as lauchfull gottin or to be gottin of the personis following, viz., of James, sumtyme erle Bothwell, James Ormestoun, sumtyme of that Ilk, Johnne Hay, sumtyme apperand of Talo, Johnne Hepburne, callit Johnne of Boltoun, Sir Williame Maitland, sumtyme younger of Lethingtoun, and Sir James Balfour, sumtyme of Pettindreich, knychtis, quhilkis ar of langtyme bigane convictit for the detestable murthoure of oure soverane lordis umquhile dearest fader, Johnne, sumtyme commendatair of Abirbrothok, Claude, sumtyme commendatair of Paislay, James Hammyltoun, callit James of Bothuelhauch, Johnne Hammyltoun, sumtyme provest of Bothuell, his bruther Gawin Hammyltoun, sumtyme of Reploch, Robert Hammyltoun, sumtyme of Dalserf, David Hammyltoun, sumtyme of Monktoun Manys, James Murheid, sumtyme of Lauchop, Johnne Hammyltoun, sumtyme of Schawtoun, Andro Hammyltoun, sumtyme in Heleis, Robert Hammyltoun, sumtyme in Lethame, Johnne Hammyltoun, sumtyme in Kylbowy, Robert Balfoure, bruther to the said Sir James Balfour, Alexander Baillie, sumtyme younger of Litilgill, James Baillie, his bruther, quhilkis in this present parliament ar convictit of the cruell murtheris of the saidis tua regentis respective, sall brouk nor acclame na heritages, lordschippis, landis nor possessionis within this realme, howsoevir the samyne is or salhappyne to be acquirit, or to appertene to the saidis bairnis sen the committing of the saidis murtheris respective, bot the samyn heritages, lordschippis and landis sall appertene to oure soverane lord and be at his hienes dispositioun as eschaet alsfrielie in all respectis as gif the committaris of the saidis abhominable murtheris had bene in titill thairof thame selffis the tyme of thair committing respective.

  1. NAS, PA2/12, f.23v.
  2. 'P' written in margin.