Judicial proceeding: treason

2The quhilk day comperit personalie George, lord Seytoun, quha became cautioun and souirtie of befoir for Alexander Baillie, eldair, of Litilgill, beand summonit to have comperit befoir oure soverane lord and his hienes justice upoun the xxvj day of this instant moneth, with continewatioun of dayis, to have anserit to the summondis of tressone raisit and executit aganis him and certane his colligis, as at mair lenth is contenit in the summondis raisit thairupon, and to have enterit the said Alexander of new agane in this present parliament this instant day, as the actis maid thairupone of befoir in lykewise proportis; and thairfoir the said lord, comperand personalie as said is, band and oblist him of new, like as he, be the tennour heirof, byndis and oblisis him to enter the said Alexander Baillie befoir oure soverane lord and his justice upoun the thrid day of the air of the schireffdome of Lanerk, quhair the said Alexander duellis, or soner upoun xv dayis warning as he salbe requerit undir the pane of five thowsand merkis, and the said Alexander Baillie band and oblist him to releif the said lord anent the said souirtie and aither of thame wer content that lettres be directe upoun thame to that effect; and thairfoir the saidis lordis of articles ordanis lettres to be directe to the effecte foirsaid, gif neid beis, in forme as effeiris.

  1. NAS, PA2/12, f.19v.
  2. Another version of this text can be found at PA2/12, appendix, f.14v.