Ane act concerning Sir David Home of Fiswik and the Laird Lethingtoun

Anent the supplicatioun gevin in be David Home of Fiswik, knicht, to the kingis majestie and thrie estaitis of parliament, makand mentioun that quhair it pleisit his majestie, be avis of umquhile his derrest gudsir and regent for the tyme, for gude respectis to dispone to him the escheit of umquhile Williame Maitland, sumtyme of Lethingtoun, efter his foirfaltourm, be vertew quhairof he intendit actioun befoir the lordis of sessioun for obtening of executioun thairupoun; quhilk caus being callit, Sir Richard Maitland, eldar, senatour, opponit in the contrair, declaring that he, befoir the said Davidis gift, in the quenis tyme, obtenit his said sones gift of escheit to him selff throw being of him put to the horne for non ansuering super inquirendis, quhilk allegance wes admittit to his probatioun be the space of thrie yeiris bipast, quha thairby hes driftit him of justice, be frivoll diligences continuallie sensyne, and now, sen he can not obtene the allegit lettres of horning and executionis thairof quhairon his gift procedit, he hes offerit him to preif the tennour and effect thairof be witnes; quhilk allegeance the saidis lordis hes admittit to his probatioun, quhilk is altogidder repugnand, alsweill to all law as observit prectik and alwayis ane mater newer hard nor admittit of befoir and verray prejudiciall and hurtfull to be acceptit within this realme, sen indeid the samin tuke beginning it salbe ane sure ground to all fraudfull persones to procure ony escheit of quhatsumevir persones of ony estate, sen it is not questionable bot be ganes thay sall preif the tennour of ony lettres or uther grundis be corrupt persones of small estate, quhairof thair is ane multitude in this realme, quhilk is not tollerabill and sua oportune remeid suld be providit thairto; disiring thairfoir the kingis majestie and lordis of estaitis foirsaidis to wey and considder the premissis and that thay wald putt sic gude ordour thairto as thay think maist meit and convenient, as at mair lent is contenit in the said supplicatioun. Quhilkis bene considderit and sene be the lordis of articlis, and thairefter be the king and estaitis in parliament, oure soverane lord, with avise of the thrie estaitis, dischargis the lordis of sessioun of all furder proceding in the said caus betuix the saidis parteis, and also ordanes thame to continew and superceid the ressaving of ony probatioun thairintill quhill the kingis grace and thrie estaitis foirsaidis tak forder ordour thairanent in parliament.

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