Ane act anent the taxatioun of ten thowsand markis to the beting of the brig of Tay

Oure soverane lord and thrie estatis of parliament, understanding perfitlie that the brig of Tay foranent the burgh of Perthe is decayit, and that the proveist, ballies and communitie thairoff hes already deburssit lairge and sumptuous expensis upoun the beting and reparing thairof, and that the samyn is sa neidfull and necessar for the haill liegeis of this realme, thairfoir our said soverane and thrie estatis foirsaidis hes ordinit and ordinis ane generall taxatioun of the soume of ten thowsand merkis to be upliftit of the haill liegeis of this realme for supporting and beting of the said brig, and hes presentlie gevin power to the lordis of our soverane lordis previe counsell presentlie chosin to tak sic guid ordour how and quhat maner the samyn salbe pait, and to mak divisioun of the realme and taxt rollis for ingetting thairof, and als to appoint collectouris to that effect, ane or ma, as they think guid, termes or dayis of pament for uptaking thairof and deliverance of the samyn, and als to tak ordour with the provest baillies counsell and communitie of the said burght of Perth how and quhat maner the same salbe employit to the beting and reparing of the said brig; and siclike that the sowmes of money ellis grantit be the saidis provest, baillies and inhabitantis of the said burght, for reparatioun of thair said brig, be substantiouslie bestowit and to tak securitie of thame to that effect, as the saidis lordis thinkis guid; and with power to thame to direct lettres to the effectis respective foirsaid, siclike and in the samyn maner as the king and estatis foirsaidis mycht or may do. And becaus it is understand to our soverane lord and estatis foirsaidis that the inhabitantis of the schirefdome of Air, baithe to burght and land, hes within this short tyme grantit ane contributioun for supporting and beting of the brig of Irrwing, quhairthrow thay aucht not to pay sa mekle of the said new taxatioun of ten thowsand merkis as the uther partis of the realme dois, thairfoir ordinis the saidis lordis to considre the samyn and to defalk and allow sa mekle of the said soume as thay suld pay to the beting of the said burgh of lrrwing, according to the rait of the taxatioun of the said shirefdome of Air, sua thay pay onlie the superplus according to taxt roll to be maid be the saidis lordis.

  1. NAS, PA2/12, f.8r.