Ane act anent the careing of flesche furth of this realme in schippis under cullour of victualling

2Forsamekill as be taking and careing away all kynd of flesche in grite quantitie for victualling of schippis passand furth of this realme at the haill portis thairof, and speciallie at Leyth and cost syde of Fyiff, quhilk is ane grite occasioun of derth of all kynd of flesche; and that the haill schipparis, maisteris of schippis and marineris in all partis of this realme takis furth the samin in grite aboundance and quantitie under cullour and pretence of thair victualling of thair schippis, mair nor may serve and sustene for that veyage; for remeid quhairof in tyme cuming, it is statute and ordanit be our soverane lord and thrie estaitis of this present parliament that all kynd of flesche for victualling of schippis in tyme cuming be paccit within the frie burghis and portis quhair the saidis schippis lyis and ar to depairt and na utherwayis; and that the provest, baillies and custumeris of the said burgh vesie and considder diligentlie how mekill flesche may serve everie schip and thair kippage for that present veyage, and according to the nowmer of the kippage and cumpanie appoint to everie schip sa mony barrellis or puntionis as for that present veyage sall suffcientlie serve thame to the first port thay ar frauchtit to, and thairefter mark the saidis barrellis or puntionis appointit to thame to the furnessing of the saidis schippis with the commoun merk of the said burght, providing alwayis that in cais the saidis skipparis, maisteris or marineris tak ony flesche furth of the realme nor may serve and sustene thame for that veyage according to the nowmer of thair kippage and as salbe appointit to thame in maner foirsaid and merkit as said is, that the saidis provest, bailleis, custumeris, everie ane of thame within thair awin offices and jurisdictioun, serche, seik, tak and apprehend the superplus of the said flesche schippit in the saidis schippis by and attour the furnitour appointit to thame for that veyage as said is, escheit and inbring the samyn to our soverane lordis use and deliver the same to his thesawrar, for the quhilk he salbe haldin to ansuer our soverane lord yeirlie in his chekker.

  1. NAS, PA2/12, ff.5v-6r.
  2. 'P' written in margin.