Anent the visitatioun of the hospitallis

2Item, because divers hospitallis hes bene erectit be oure soverane lordis maist nobill progenitouris and utheris zelous and devoit men within the cuntrie, quhilkis alwyis ar becum in decay be negligence of sic to quhome the ane cure thairof pertenis, and ar set in few and takkis without all gud ordour, in respect that the wituallis and utheris proffitis pertening to the saidis hospitallis ar convertit in small sowmeis of money, sua that the pure and bedderallis of the saidis hospitallis hes small or na thing to leif upoun. For remeid of the quhilk, oure soverane lord, with advise and consent of the thrie estaitis of parliament, ordanis the chancellar for all the hospitallis foundit be our soverane lordis maist nobill progenitouris, and the bischoppis and commissioneris of dioceis quhair na bischoppis ar prouidit for all utheris hospitallis, try the quantitie of thair rent, the ordour of thair fundatioun and the estait quhairin the rent presentlie is, and to that effect, that the lordis of counsall and sessioun direct lettres charging the haiffaris of the fundationis and erectionis of the saidis hospitallis, fewaris and takkismen of the landis and utheris pertening thairto to produce the samyn befoir the saidis chancellar, bischop and commissionaris at sic dayis and places as thai sall appoint, to be sene and considderit be thame to the effect that ordour may be tane upoun the reformatioun of the decay of the samyn hospitallis, under the pane of rebellioun and putting of thame to the horne; and that the saidis chancellar and utheris foirsaidis report thair ansir to the kingis grace and lordis of secreit counsall betuix and Peasch nixtocum.

  1. NAS, PA2/12, ff.3r-v.
  2. 'P' written in margin.