Declaration: the king and the estates of parliament
The declaratioun off the king and estaitis of the fredome of this parliament

Forsamekle as it wes murmurit and meanit be sum evill advisit personis, our soverane lordis liegeis, disfavoraris off his grace gubernament and regiment of this realme and liegeis thairof in his awne persoun, and of the halding of this present parliament within the castell of Striveling, quhairby it wes allegeit that thair wes na frie acces nor libertie to the saidis liegeis to frelie repair and resort to our said soverane lord, his thrie estatis and lordis of articulis to intercommoun in sic effairis as wes treatit thairintill, albeit the contrare thairof be notour, and that all our said soveranis liegeis had, and hes, frie acces thairto, and nane stoppit to cum to his hienes nor to the saidis lordis to that effect; thairfore oure said soverane lord, with advise of his thrie estatis of this present parliament, hes declarit and declaris the samyn to have bene, and to be, ane frie and publict parliament quhair all his liegeis had and hes frie access, libertie and fredome to resort and repair to the said castell quhair the samyn is and wes haldin quha plesit to cum thairto, but stop truble or interruptioun.

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