Charge to repair to the parliament in peciabill maner

2The kingis majestie, with avise of the lordis of his prevy counsale and utheris of his estaittis presentlie convenit, having deliberat that his hienes parliament proclamit tobe haldin at Edinburgh upoun the tent day of Julii nixtocum salbe thair fensit that day and thairfra continewit tobe haldin and proceid at Striveling in his hienes awin presens upoun the xv day of the said moneth of Julii, seing the wechtie materis concerning the glory of God, his hienes and his estate and commoun weill of his realme ar thairin tobe treatit, findis it expedient that all nobill men and utheris of the estate reparing to the said parliament sall cum in quiet and peacabill maner, quhairthrow thay may proceid in the wechty causses, quhairupoun they sall treate the mair frelie and orderlie, all armes and face of hostilitie being removed and led [...]; and for the eschewing of all doubt and confusioun quhilkis may aryise heirupoun; and that all his hienes nobilitie and estaittis may the better understand [...] cumpany and nowmer to repair to the said parliament, ordanis letteris to be direct to officiaris of armes, shereffis in that part, chargeing thame to pas to the mercat croces of Edinburgh, Striveling, Perth, Glasgow and utheris places neidfull, and thair, be oppin proclamatioun in his hienes name and authoritie, to command and charge all and sindry erllis, lordis, bischoppis, abbottis and pryouris havand vote in parliament [...] and requirit be his hienes preceptis and letteris tobe present at the same parliament, that thai repair to Striveling agane the said xv day of Julii in peciabill maner, without [...], and specialie hagbuttis, daggis, pistolettis or sic uther ingynis of fyr werk [...] to be worne or schot be his hienes lawis and actis of parliament; and that every erll cum and remane with xxiiij personis onelie in thair cumpany or dependance, and every lord with sextene personis or within, and the commissioneris of burrowis in thair ordinar and accustumat maner without all convocatioun of thair nychtbouris, bot onleie the persoun or persounis contenit in the commissioun with thair necessar servandis; and that all utheris personis not being of the appointit nowmeris and cumpanie of the said estatis presume to convocat thame selffis or repair to the said burgh of Striveling during the tyme of the said parliament and quhill the finall end and dissolutioun thairof, without knawlege of his hienes mynd and pleasour thairanent and his majesteis licence had to that effect, under the pane of incurring of his majesteis heich displeasour and indignatioun; certefeing thame that dois in the contrair reparing to the said burgh of Striveling with greittar nowmeris and convocatioun nor is afoir appointit, or that cummis armed or bearing or having in thair cumpany armour and speciallie hagbuttis, daggis, pistolettis and sic uther ingynis of fyre werk, thay salbe reput, estemit, persewit and puneist as the disturbaris of the public peace and his hienes obedience, innemeis and unnaturall subjectis to his majestie and the commoun weill and quietnes of this thair native cuntre.

  1. NAS, PC1/9, pp.31-2.
  2. Gaps in text due to damage to manuscript.