Procedure: giving of oaths by the privy council
Counsall gaif thair aythis

2The quhilk day, in presens of the kingis majestie, nobilitie and estaittis, the nobill men underwrittin: thay ar to say, Coline, erll of Ergyle, lord Campbell and Lorne, Johnne, erll of Atholl, lord of Balvany, George, erll of Caithnes, Johnne, erll of Montrois, Williame, lord Ruthvene, Johnne, lord Hereis, Alexander Erskin of Gogar, in absens of the maister of Marschell, Robert, commendatare of Deir, his broder, Robert, bischop of Caithnes, Mark, commendatare of Newbottill, Maister George Buchannane, kepar of the prevy seill, and Sir Williame Murray of Tulibardin, knycht, comptrollar, being admittit to be of the kingis majesteis ordinar prevy counsale, quhill the nixt parliament appointit to be haldin at Edinburgh upoun the tent day of Julii nixtocum, maid fayth and gaif thair aythis be halding up thair handis that thay sould gif thair aufauld, leill and trew counsale in all thingis sould happin to be proponit in counsale tending to the honour and suirtie of his majesteis maist nobill persoun, the commoun effaris of his realme and liegis thairof, and keip the samyn secreit and unrevelit be ony maner of way; and that thay sould convene at Edinburgh upoun the viij day of Apryle nixtocum and thair remane togidder and be redy to gif thair counsale quhill the said parliament, and to be responsall and accusabill to the king and his estaittis of thair counsale. [...] hes promittit to abyde and remane at thair counsale quhill the said [...]; and als the saidis lordis promeist to abyde togidder in the menetyme and not to depart without licence of his majestie and remanent of his counsale.

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  2. Gaps in text due to damage to manuscript.