Charge to keip certane plegeis

The kingis majestie, having now, be the advise of his nobilitie and estaittis upoun the voluntary dimissioun of the Erll of Mortoun, his hienes lait regent, acceptit the governament of his majesteis realme upoun him self, and being presentlie occupiit in the directioun of the effaris thairof, it is found maist requisite that the plegeis and utheris detenit for the gude rewle of the brokin men inhabiting the bordouris of this realms be suirlie kepit and, thairfoir, ordanis ane herauld, mastir or uther officiar of armes to pas and in our soverane lordis name and authoritie command and charge the personis underwrittin, with quhome the plegeis underspecifiit wer committit in keping and remaning: thay ar to say, James Scrymgeour, constabill of Dunde, havar of Williame Ellott, sone to Martine Ellott, in his cumpany; Patrik Houstoun of that Ilk, havar of Rowy Ellot of the Park, in his custody; Petir Hay of Melginche, havar of Gib Ellot of the Schawis, in his custody; David Grahame of Frintre, knycht, havar of Armistrang [...], in his custody; Robert, commendatare of Deir, havar of David Armistrang, sone to Thomas of Cannaby, in his custody; James, commendatare of Sanct Colmis Inche, havar of Wille Bell, callit Reid Cloik, sone to Johnne Bell of Awy, in his custody; James Striveling of Keir, havar of [...] Littill, in his custody; George Buchannane of that Ilk, havar of Quintene Niksoun, sone to Cleme the Crune, in his custody; to keip thame and ilkane of thame in suirtie and firmance, unletting thame depart or pas hame upoun band, obligatioun or ony uther conditioun, for any occasioun, without speciall warrand frome oure soverane lord in writ, as thay will do his majestie gude service and ansuer upoun thair perell and under the panis contenit in the actis maid anent the keping of plegeis.

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