Letter: the earl of Morton to the king
Certane heidis proponit be the Erll of Mortoun registrat

2Forsamekill as Archibald, erll of Angus, lord Dowglas and Abirnethy presentit and deliverit to oure soverane lord upoun the sevint day of Marche instant a lettre subscrivit be James, erll of Mortoun, lord of Dalkeyth, regent to his majestie, his realme and liegis for the tyme, contenyng certane heidis proponit be him for the honour, weill and suirtie of his hienes, quhilkis lettre his majestie, with avise of his nobilitie, estaittis and counsale present, ordanis to remane and be insert in the bukis of secreit counsale, of the quhilk lettre the tennour followis: [...] majestie wes that quhen [...] it sould pleis your hienes to tak the regime[...] realme in your awin handis, I wald maist willinglie u[...] the same, according to your hienes pleasure and commandm[...], craving [...] same be done, I may propone to your majestie and your nobilitie [...] end thre thingis tending to your honour, weill and suirtie with a [...] for the sourt. First, that gude and substantuus ordour may be takin [...]ning and preservatioun of your hienes persoun, the ordour of your [...] servandis and the handilling of the revenues of your croun. Secund, [...] with England may be observit during your majesteis minoritie, for the [...] a weare in that tyme may bring not onelie to your awin realme and people [...] hienes rycht and interesse to the successioun of the crown of England. Th[...], tobe takin and providit for the keping of quietnes within your realme [...] of the brokin men of the hielandis and bordouris be quhome the state is [...] under obedience of the lawis. And fourtlie, my petitioun is that gif the [...] estaitis convening sall find that I have trewlie servit your hienes in this [...]ministratioun, that then I may have your majesteis discharge of the [...] of your parliament. Sic subscribitur, James, regent.

  1. NAS, PC1/9, pp.3-4.
  2. Gaps in text due to damage to manuscript.