Publicatioun of the kingis acceptatioun of the governament

Forsamekle as oure soverane lord, having besyde his hienes a greit nowmer of his nobilitie, his majestie hes thocht convenient and necessary to advise with thame of the best wayes for the preservatioun of his hienes persoun and manteinance of peace in this his realme and cuntre, lyke tobe dissolvit be the apparent troubles quhilk arrysis throw the mislyking that mony hes in the persoun of his rycht traist cousing James, erll of Mortoun, and thairfoir proponit to his majesties nobilitie and counsale to considder quhidder the governament mycht stand as it wes with his hienes weill and suirtie and the quietnes and contentment of his majesteis liegis, or gif thay thocht meittar his hienes sould accept it upoun him self quhairthrow all grudgeis mycht ceis, namelie, seing his said rycht traist cousing and counsalour for his part wes willing to dimit the same in his majesteis handis, quhilk he had oftymes of befoir schawin to his hienes be toung and last be writt produceit and red in thair audience, quhairupoun his majestie cravit thair advyses, quhilk his hienes promesit to follow. In end, efter lang conference, persaving all to remit the chois to his hienes awin jugement, his majestie schew his intentioun tobe that sen thay wer sa desyrous to understand his hienes awin mynd and referrit the haill unto him, and sen his hienes could persave na bettir way to manteine concord and to eschew troubill amangis his majesteis subjectis nor to tak the governament in his hienes awin handis, his majestie wald not refuis the same, althocht panefull, for sa gude and necessary a caus; and thairfoir, his majestie hes declarit in thair presens that his hienes hes acceptit and acceptis the burding of the administratioun of his hienes realme and lieges upoun him self, quhairin his majestie hes this confort and truist that quhat may inlaik in his hienes aige or experience salbe suppliit be all thair wisdomes; and thairfoir ordanis lettres to be direct to officiares of armes schireffis in that part, chargeing thame to pas to the marcat croces of the heid burrowis of this realme and utheris places neidfull, and thair, be oppin proclamatioun in oure soverane lordis name and authoritie, mak publicatioun of the premisis to all and sindry his hienes liegis, that nane of thame pretend ignorance of the same nor acknawlege nor obey na uther authoritie nor forme of governament bot his majesties as said is, under all hieast pane, charge and offence that thay and every ane of thame may commit and inrin aganis his hienes in that behalf.

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