Anent the crying doun of new plakkis and hardheidis

The regentis grace and estaittis assemblit at this present conventioun, havand consideratioun of the greit inconvenientis that now procedis amangis oure soverane lordis liegis, in defalt of victuallis and all uther merchandice and gudis that is put to derth and rasit and put to exhorbitant pryces, and haldin and abstractit fra marcattis throw occasioun of greit quantitie of fals countirfaitit money, plakkis and lyonis, utherwayis callit hardheidis, strikkin in cunye in the tyme of the governament of the quene drowarier and regent, oure soverane lordis gudame of gude memory; as alsua of fals cunyeouris, not allanerlie within this realme bot outwith the samyn, sa subtillie and in sic forme of mettall that it is verie hard to the ignorantis to decerne and knaw the trew fra the fals. Thairfoir the regentis grace, with the mature advise and deliberatioun of the estaittis presentlie convenit for the weill of oure soverane lordis liegis, eschewing of derth and mony uther inconvenientis, hes ordanit and ordanis the saidis new plakkis last cunyeit to have cours and passage amangis all oure soverane lordis liegis in tyme cuming eftir this present proclamatioun, for twa penneis the pece, and all the saidis lyonis, utherwayis callit hardheidis, for ane penny the pece, and that nane of our soverane lordis liegis salbe haldin to ressave the saidis plakkis and hardheidis eftir this present proclamatioun of ony derare avale and pryce nor is abonespecifiit. Attour, becaus it is weill knawin that the greittast part of the saidis plakkis and hardheidis now passing in this realme ar, and hes bene, adulterat, fals and countirfait, alsweill within this realme as without, quhilkis being the cheif occasioun of derth ar, be act of parliament maid of befoir, ordanit tobe clippit, thairfoir ordanis and commandis all personis, havaris of the saidis new plakkis and hardheidis in thair handis, to bring or send the same to oure soverane lordis cunyehous to Johnne Carmichaell, wardane thairof, tobe sene and considerit be him, James Gray, sinkar, Johnne Hart and Nicholl Sym, appointit visitouris thairof, or ony ane of thame, with the said Johnne Carmichaell, betuix the dait heirof and the xx day of November nixtocum, to the effect that sic as thay find fals and countirfait may be instantlie clippit doun and put in a cloise lokkit coffer, upoun compt and inventure of the quantitie ressavit fra every persoun; and sic of the same money as beis fund of the lauchfull and trew cunye of this realme tobe thus markit [...]2 be the said James Gray and deliverit agane to the awnar, quhilkis plakkis and hardheidis sa markit salhaif cours and passage thaireftir for the avale and pryces abonewrittin, but ony stop or contradictioun. With certificatioun that sic of the new plakkis and hardheidis as sall not be visite and in this sort markit betuix and the said day sall na wayis have cours or passage thaireftir amangis oure soverane lordis liegis, bot the personis quhatsumevir with quhome thay salbe found thaireftir unmarkit salbe persewit and punissit as wilfull outputtaris and changearis of fals and corrupt money, according to the lawis of this realme.

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  2. In this space is an asterisk surrounded by a heart shape.