Anent the sichting, collectioun and reformatioun of the lawis of this realme

My lord regentis grace and estaittis presentlie convenit, understanding the harme quhilk this commoune weill sustenis throw want of a perfyte writtin law, quhairupoun all jugeis may knaw how to proceid and decerne, thairfoir it is thocht convenient and concludit that thir personis following: thay ar to say, Johnne, lord Glammis, chancellair, Williame, lord Ruthvene, thesaurare, Robert, lord Boyd, Johnne, lord Hereis, James, commendatare of Pettinweme, Maister Williame Baillie, lord Provand, president of the college of justice, Maister James Haliburtoun, provest of Dunde, Maister Michaell Cheisholme, burges of Edinburgh, and Johnne Patersoun, provest of Cowper, sall convene togidder in Edinburgh upoun the tent day of Apryle nixtocum, and thair, calling unto thame sic utheris of the lordis of the sessioun or advocattis as thay sall think expedient, sall begin and visite the bukis of the law, actis of parliament and decisionis befoir the sessioun and draw the forme of the body of oure lawis, alsweill of that quhilk is alreddy statute as thay thingis that wer meit and convenient tobe statute, that the same, being reportit agane to the estaittis, it or samekill thairof as salbe found gude and allowabill may be ratifiit and establissit in parliament, quhairthrow thair may be ane certain writtin law to all oure soverane lordis jugeis and ministeris of law to juge and decyde be.

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