Procedure: appointment of the regent
Proces of acceptatioun of the regiment

2The quhilk day the estaittis and utheris abonewryttin, being convenit in counsale, enterit in deliberatioun toward the present estate of the realme, now being destitute of a governour throw the deceis of umquhile Johnne, erll of Mar, lord Erskin, lait regent to oure soverane lord, his realme and liegis, his hienes being yit minour and unable to administrat in his awin persoun, having respect to the actis of parliament concerning his hienes coronatioun and constitutioun of the regiment of the realme during his majesties minoritie, and of the quene, his moderis commissioun maid and subscrivit the tyme of the dimissioun of the croun in his favouris, considering the same with gude deliberatioun, the saidis lordis of the nobilitie, pre[...], comisseris of burrowis and estaittis abonewryttin findis and dec[...] the said commissioun to be in the self gude, valiable and sufficient, a[...] that the haill nowmer of the noblemen mentionat thairin, or ony four, thre, twa or ane of thame, professand and acknawlegeand oure soverane lordis auctoritie, the remanent or the maist part of thame refusand or havand just cause of excuse, may accept upoun thame the said commissioun and office of regentrie to oure soverane lord, his realme and liegis, and may use and exerce the said office be virtew of the said commissioun alsfrelie and lauchfallie as ony utheris governouris or regentis of this realme hes usit the same office in tyme bigane, preceding the dait heirof. And first of all, aggreit that ane is mair convenient to rule and governe in the kingis majesties minoritie nor ma; secundlie, all promittit and gaif thair solempnit aithis to obey the persoun that suld happin to be chosin to that rowme; and lastlie, the noblemen present gaif thair aithis that quhasaevir suld happin to be chosin to the said office of regentrie suld accept the same and not refuse it.

  • The personis nominat lytis for the office of regentrie:
  • James, erll of Mortoun, lord of Dalkeith, chancellar
  • Alexander, erll of Glencarne, lord of Kilmawris

The quhilk day the said James, erll of Mortoun wes electit to the said office of regentrie to oure soverane lord, his realme and liegis during his majesteis minoritie, be pluralitie of votes of the saidis estaittis and utheris abonewrittin. Efter quhilk electioun, the said Mortoun aggreit to underly and accept the said charge and office of regentrie, and to the effect that ane uniforme concurrence may be betuix him and the nobilitie in the furthsetting of the glorie of God and governyng of the affaires of the commoune weill, thay, with ane mynd and assent, ar aggreit and condiscendit mutuallie to the articles following.

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  2. Gaps in text due to damage to manuscript.