Act concerning the cunyeing of half merk steikis, past in Leith, last March 15722

My lord regentis grace and thre estaittis of this realme in parliament, understanding that diverss tratouris and utheris malefactouris, efter thair tressonabill dedis committit not onlie in murthering of our soverane lordis derrest fader, gudschir and uncle, bot als doing that in thame lyis to pull the croun royall of his graces heid, hes erected ane uther autoritie aganis thair faith aucht and maid to his grace, and massit thame selffis togidder within the toun and castell of Edinburgh and diverss utheris partis south, north and west of this realme, keepand garresonis of men of weir, murtherand and oppressand his hienes trew liegis, spulyeand, revand and detenand fra him the patrimony, propirtie and casualiteis of his graces croun in sik sort that his said regent, nobilitie and faithfull subjectis, to repress thair tratorie and tirannye, ar forcit to hald and keip in garreson men of weir jonit with thame to the defence of oure soverane lord and his just and lauchfull autoritie; and yit for falt of ingetting of the propirtie and casualiteis of his graces croun reft and detenit as said is, ar not of habilitie and substance to enterteng the saidis men of weir, thairfore, and for remeid heirof, quhill thir civile seditionis may be pacifiet, it is statute and ordinit be my lord regentis grace and thre estatis foirsaidis in this present parliament that ane new pece of silvir be cunyeit of the fynes as is aggreit upoun be my lord regent with the maister cunyeour, to be callit the half mark pece, havand on the ane syde the kingis graces armes, and without the armes, on the ane part the figure of '6', and on the uther part the figure of '8', to signifye the price of the samyn to be vj s. viij d., and the circumscriptioun of that syde to be 'Jacobus sextus Dei gracia rex Scotorum', and on the uther side thairof ane croce havand within twa quarteris thairof foranent uther 'J' and 'R', and on the uther twa quarters twa thrissillis, and the circumscriptioun on that syde to be […]. And als to cunye ane uther pece of the avale of the half of the said first pece, of the samyn fynes and prent, foure of the principale pecis with the half thairof weyand ane unce, and the half pecis to aggre to the half of the samin wecht. The hale pece to haif passage within this realme for vj s. viij d. and the half for iij s. iiij d.

  1. NAS, PA7/1/27. Also transcribed in The Records of the Coinage of Scotland, ed. R. W. Cochran-Patrick (2 vols, Edinburgh, 1876), i, pp.cxlv-cxlvi.
  2. Title written on rear, possibly not contemporary.