Committee members: privy council
Lordis chosin of the counsall

The quhilk day the nobill men and utheris underwrittin wer nominat tobe of oure soverane lordis prevy counsall, thay ar to say: the Erllis of Ergyle, Montroise, Glencarne, Craufurd, Eglintoun, Cassillis, Buchane, Cathnes and the maister of Marschell; the Lordis Sympill, Lindesay, Glamis, Boyd and Cathcart; the Bischop of Orknay, the commendataris of Abirbrothok, Dryburgh and Newbottill, togidder with the chancellar, thesaurare, comptrollar, secretar, kepar of the prevy seill, clerk of register, justice, clerk advocat and maister of requeistis.

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