Procedure: protest; oaths

Mar protestit eftir he wes chosin regent. The quhilk day, in presence of the estaittis, comperit Johnne, erll of Mar, lord Erskin, being nominat and electit to the office of regentry, and maid this protestatioun quhairof the tennour followis:

I, Johnne, erll of Mar, lord Erskin, schawis and declaris to yow, my lordis and utheris, the estaittis presentlie assemblit, that albeit it hes plesit yow be commoun voce and assent to accord that I salbe placeit in the charge of regiment to the kingis majestie, his realme and liegis, during his hienes minoritie, quhilk place I avow befoir God and the warld I wes nevir ambitious of, nowther can it be beneficiall to me, nor ony of myne, in ony respect, considering the present troublit state of the realme and the hard reward that sic as hes proceidit in that office hes ressavit. And yit finding the present necessitie that the persoun of the king, oure soverane lord, is in my custody, and not onelie his hienes persoun, bot the state of his authoritie and commoune weill of the realme, in hazard and dangeare at this tyme, having samony avowit disobedient subjectis to his hienes and his authoritie, gif it be thocht be yow, my lordis and estaittis, that my persoune and travellis can supple this want, I will nowther contend with yow or suffer the gude and honest caus we have in hand tobe indangerit throw my refuis or delay, bot will expone my self to the perrell gif ye think me qualifiit for the charge, notwithstanding seing I am not abill be my self nor upoun my awin counsall, rent or forces to beir this burdyng. I requeir that I be accumpaneit with your selffis, assistit be your counsallis and aydit be your forces at all occasionis of dangeare upoun my warning tobe gevin unto yow; and that nane of yow sall deale in ony sort to the hinder or prejudice of the kingis estait, or in ony thing twicheing the same, without commoune advise of me and ws, all that now professis his hienes obedience; or that sall preis me in that deid or grant tending to the violatioun of my present ayth, I protest that than as now, upoun ony sic refuis of your presence, counsall or ayding with your forces, gif aythere ye heirefter sall find my inhabilitie for the charge, or that I sall find my self owerburdynnit thairin abone my power, that than upoun lauchfull warning tobe gevin be me to yow, the nobilitie and estaittis and with your advise and counsall had thairto, I may lauchfullie, frelie and without violatioun of my present ayth maid for acceptatioun of this office, renunce and admit the same office and administratioun in the persoun of ony uther tobe thocht meittar and aggreit upoun be commoune advise of ws all, without reproche to me in fayth, honour or utherwayis, seing I aspire not to the rowme willinglie ar ambitiouslie, bot altogidder aganis my will, gif it wer not for the preservatioun of the kingis innocent persoune, quhilk I have alwayes thocht and thinkis sa deir to me, and for suppleing of the present necessitie, quhilk my protestatioun I require of your lord and utheris of the estaittis tobe admittit and registrat ad futuram rei memoriam.

Eftir the quhilk protestatioun red the said Erll of Mar aggreit to underly and accept the said charge and office of regentry; and to the effect that ane uniform concurrence may be betuix him and the nobilitie in the furthsetting of the glory of God and governing of the effairis of the commoune weill, thay with ane mynd and assent ar aggreit and condiscendit mutuallie to the articles following:

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