Procedure: proclamation to muster the fencible men
Proclamatioune to be in reddines to resist the invasion of rebels

The quhilk day, forsamekill as diverse of the nobilitie and estaittis of this realme being convenit for taking of sum guid ordour in this commounewealth, that wrang and violence mycht be repressit and justice proceid to all the leigis of this realme, standand presentlie in sa hard and dangerous estait throw inlaik of my lord regentis grace that restis with God, on quhilk occasioune wickit persounes hes alreddie done that was in thame to disturb the publict quyetnes and tranquilitie quhilkis the leigis of this realme laitlie injoyit, bot, becaus divers of the nobill men and estaittis com nocht to this present conventioun, sum of thame being far distant quhilkis convenientlie culd nocht keip and be present thairat throw schortnes of tyme, it is thocht convenient be thame quhilkis convenit nocht to proceid to ony deliberatioune or finale conclusioune in the wechtie effairis of the estait of this commounewealthe quhill the remanent of the nobilitie and estaittis, gif it be possibill or gif thay will, may convene togidder in ane body, that, conferring opinionis and myndis togidder, thay may in Godis feir uniformalie accord in sum perfyt resolutioune and gude ordour for the estableischeing of the estaittis of this commounewealthe, that equitie and justice may be mantenit amangis all the leigis, and all seditioune, violence and injustice repressit. Bot, becaus thair wantis nocht wickit instrumentis to disturb sa godlie and necessar purpossis and intentiones, and that in this meanetyme the subjectis trewlie meaning and luiking for the fruit of the uniforme conclusioune of the nobilitie and estaittis may be assaultit and wrangouslie invadit besydes thair expectatioune, it [is] thocht meit be the lordis of secreit counsall and utheris of the nobilitie and estaittis presentlie convenit that our soverane lordis leigis be admoneisched be proclamatioune to put thameselffis in reddines to resist all violent force and injust invasioune, gif ony salbe attemptit, or ony innovatioune preissit quhill the end and conclusioune of the said nixt conventioune. Thairfoir, the saidis lordis ordanes letters to be direct to officiaris of armes, schereffis in that pairt, chairgeing thame to pas to the mercat croces of the heid burrowis of all schereffdomes of this realme and utheris places neidfull, and thair be oppin proclamatioune in our soverane lordis name and awthoritie command and chairge all and sindrie oure soverane lordis leigis betuix lx and xvj yeiris, and utheris fensibill persounes, alsweill dwelland to burche as to land, within regalitie as realtie, that they and ilkane of thame, weill bodin in feir of weir, addres and prepair thameselffis to be in full reddines, with xv dayes victuallis and provisioune, to pas furthwart, as thay salbe commandit and wairnit of new upoune xxiiij houris warning, to resist and ganestand all injust violence and actionis of deid that salbe attemptit or interprysit in quhatsumevir pairtis of this realme tending to the invasioune of ony the leigis or the hindering of sa guid purposis and intentiones, under the pane of tynsall of lyfe, landis and guidis.

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