Procedure: exculpation of William Maitland of Lethington
Declaratioune towardis ye secretar of his innocence of the kingis murthour be ane great convention

At Edinburgh, the fourtene day of Februare, the yeir of God jM vC lxix yeiris. The lordis of secreit counsall [and] utheris of the nobilitie, estaittis and barrones underwritten, being convenit for taking of ordour in the effairis of this commounewealthe: that is to say, nobill and mychtie lordis James, erle of Mortoune, lord of Dalkeyth, chancellare of Scotland, Jhonne, erle of Athole, lord of Balvany, Gilbert, erle of Cassillis, lord Kennedye, Alexander, erle of Glencairne, lord of Kilmawris, Jhonne, erle of Mar, lord Erskin, Robert, erle of Buchane, Jhonne, maister of Grahame, ane reverend father in God Robert, bischop of Cathnes, Adame, bischop of Orknay, nobill lordis Patrik, lord Lindsay of the Byris, Williame, lord Ruthvene, Jhonne, lord Glammis, Andro, lord Stewart of Uchiltrie, Hew, lord Fraser of Lovet, Henrie, lord Methvene, Alane, lord Cathcart, Patrik, maister of Gray, venerabill fatheris Robert, commendater of Dumfermeling, Jhonne, commendater of Balmerinoche, Jhonne, commendater of Coldinghame, David, commendater of Dryburche and Inchmahomo, Adame, commendater of Cambuskennethe, Alexander, commendater of Culrose, Sir Williame Kirkcaldie of Grange, knycht, provest of Edinburgh, Alexander Forister of Gairdin, provest of Striviling, Mr James Halyburtoune, provest of Dundie, Jhonne Erskene of Dune, provest of Montroise, Maister Robert Richertsoune, commendater of Sanct Mary Ile, thesaurer, Sir Williame Murray of Tullibardin, knycht, comptrollare, Sir James Balfour of Pittindreyche, knycht, presedent of the college of justice, Sir Jhonne Bellendene of Awchnowle, knycht, clerk of justiciarie, Mr James McGill of Rankiloure Nather, clerk of register, and all thir gentilmen and barrones underwrittin: that is to say, James Dowglas of Drumlanrig, knycht, Williame Dowglas of Hawik, knycht, his sone and appeirand air, Jhonne Jardene of Apilgirthe, Thomas Kennedy of Bargany, Jhonne Kennedy of Blairquhen, Jhonne Caithcart of Cairletoune, George Corrie of Kelwod, Jhonne Schaw of Haly, James Chalmer of Gregirthe, Hew Wallace of Cornale, Jhonne Lokert of Bar, Maister Jhonne Fowllertoune of Dreghorne, Williame Cunninghame of Capringtoune, Williame Cunninghame of Cunninghameheid, younger, George Crawfuird of Lefnoreis, Patrik Dunbar of Cumnok, Robert Lindsay of Dunrod, Jhonne Stewart of Mynto, knycht, James Galbrayth of Kilcreuche, James Edmistoune, yownger, of Duntreyth, Jhonne Schaw of Grenok, Patrik Houstoune of that Ilk, Jhonne Sempill of Fowlwod, Robert Grahame of Knokdoliane, James Seytoun of Tullybodie, James Striviling of Keir, Alexander Bruce of Airthe, Robert Drummond of Carnok, Robert Bruce of Clakmannane, Alexander Levingstoune of Hanyng, James Sandilandis of Calder, Jhonne Cokburne of Ormestoune, Williame Lawder of Haltoune, Robert Fairlie of Braid, Jhonne Stewart of Craigiehall, George Home of Spott, Andrew Ker of Fawdounesyd, Jhonne Stewart of Traquair, William Dowglas of Lochlevin, Androw Murray of Arnegask, knycht, Jhonne Boiswell, younger, of Balmuto, Sir William Scot of Balwerie, knycht, Thomas Scott of Abbottishall, Jhonne Mailvile of Raithe, David Durye of that Ilk, Andro Wod, younger, of Largo, Mr Williame Lundy of that Ilk, Robert Colvile of Cleische, David Spens of Welmistoun, Patrik Kinninmownthe of Craighall, Alexander Sibbald of Rankelor, Peter Hay of Melginche, Jhonne Ogilwye of Innerquharratie, Alexander Ogilvye of Clova, Alexander Guthrie, fear of that Ilk, Gilbert Ogilvy of that Ilk, George Halyburtoune of Pitcur, with divers utheris. The caus and occasioune of the retentioune in waird of Williame Maitland of Lethingtoune, younger, secretar to our soverane lord, being proponit, it was meanit on his behalf how, in the latter end of the monethe of August bypast, he wes publiclie accusit in presens of my lord regentis grace, that restis with God, and the counsall than convenit at Striviling, as participant of a maist odious cryme, to witt, the murthour of umquhill the king, our soverane lordis fader of guid memorie, and that be dilatioune of ane man without mandat or commissioun schawin for that effect, at the occasioune quhairof the said secretare wes committit to waird in Striviling and thaireftir transportit to the castell of Edinburgh, quhair he hes remanit sensyne, howbeit that wes nocht the verrie caus that movit my lord regentis grace and counsall than convenit sua to use the said secretare, in respect of his travellis and trew pairt in mony honest caussis, speciallie in persecutioune of the said murthour, bot rather upoune ane opinioune quhilk his grace and the said counsall wes than persuadit to consave be the lang quhispering and suggestioune of the said secretaris privat enymeis, as that he haid trafficquit for the overthraw of the kingis estait and the wrak and distructioune of all the nobill men and honest men that haid enterit in his quarrel, in quhilkis bayth, as God knawis, his innocencie sa hes bene, and presentlie is, reddie to mak the same patent to the warld be underlying of sic tryell and jugement as in sic caissis is requisite, gif ony will accuse him. The saidis lordis, estaittis and barrones, considdering the progres of the mater and his honest offer, being particularlie inquyrit gif ony of thame culd or wald accuse and burdene him as culpabill of the said murther, or as a practizar of materis tending to the subversioune of the kingis estait and prejudice of the nobilmen and utheris professing his obedience, thay all in ane voice voitit, declairit and testifeit that, as thay nor nane of thame knew the said secretare to be culpabill of the said murthour, nor wald nocht accuse him of the same, swa thay estemit him to be innocent, to have bene innocentlie calumpniat in tymes bygane in the saidis materis tending to the prejudice of the kingis estait and his guid subjectis, jugeing that the said secretaris staying, retentioune and bypast intreitment hes rather proceidit of the suggestioune and quhispering of his privat enymeis then of ony guid pruife or just caus of suspitioune that ather my lord regentis grace or ony of the counsall haid aganes him the tyme of his staying, and thairfoir acknawledgeis and recognoscis him as ane honest innocent of the saidis materis quhairwith he hes bene saikleslie heirtofoir calumpniat, accepting and ressaving him agane in his awin rank and place, lykas heirtofoir thay recognosce him to have bene ane guid instrument and proffitabill member in this commounewealthe in mony honest and gryt caussis, bayth for the furthesetting of Goddis glorie and repose and quyetnes of the cuntrey.

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