Procedure: answers of the convention to articles from the general assembly
2Answeris gevin be my lord regentis grace, with avise of the lordis of secreit counsall and utheris of the nobilitie and estaittis assemblit at the conventioun in Perth, the xxix day of Julii, the yeir of God jM vC lxix yeris, to certane articles directit frome the generall assemble of the kirk

Anent the act maid in the generall assemble concerning the assignationis of the ministeris stipendis, my lord regentis grace, with avise of the lordis of secreit counsall and utheris of the nobilitie and estaittis assemblit at this present conventioun, ordanis the assignationis to be put in forme and thaireftir to be presentit to the checker, to be sene and considerit be the lordis auditouris thairof, to the effect that the ordour being fund gude and ressonabill be thame and sic of the kirk as sal happin to be present with thame, provisionis may thairefter be maid and exped in particular thairupoun, according to the meaning of the said act; providing that the commissaris or procuratouris of the kirk at the said chekker present the names of the haill kirkis in Scotland, and how mony ministeris ar presentlie thairat, to the end it may be knawin quhat kirk ar presentlie providit and quhat kirk destitute and desolat of ministratioun; as also haif the ordour perfyte how thai wald the ministeris sould be payit be the thridis or utherwayis, and haif all writtis in reddines quhilk may cleir doubtis and further resolutioun.

Anent the article desyring that the manssis and glebis may be gevin to the ministeris for thair residence at the kirkis, and that the law thairupoun may be maid cleir that it may tak executioun, and in likewyis concerning the reparatioun of the kirk, my lord regintis grace, with avise foirsaid, promittis that he sall caus four, thre or twa godlie, discreit and wyse men within the boundis of everie superintendentis charge pas with the superintendent or commissionar within that cuntre or province and visiit the manssis and glebis of all the kirkis within the same, to the effect thai may report to my lord regentis grace and lordis foirsaidis quhat is the particular quantitie of every manse and gleib, quhome be the same is presentlie occupiit and inhabit, and be quhat rycht and titill; as alsua how mekill thai think sufficient for the ludgeing and commoditie of everie minister or redar, and, gif thai may, to appoint the minister or redar with the possessour of the manse and gleib, and as thai do, to report; upoun quhais report his grace sall hald hand to se the kirk and ministeris presentlie put in possessioun of sa mekill of the saidis manssis and glebis as salbe thocht necessar be the saidis superintendentis and visitouris for the ludgeing and commoditie of the minister or redar as said is, quhair thair is na titillis to impede the same; and in caise the same titillis of the law be reduceable or maybe declarit null, his grace sall hald hand to se justice ministrat thairupoun with expeditioun; and quhair the mater standis in termis that the present possessouris can nocht be removit be ordour of law without ane explanatioun of the act of parliament, his grace sall travell to haif the same act explanit and maid cleir at the nixt parliament, to the effect it may tak executioun in all tymes thaireftir. And towart the reparatioun of the kirkis, his grace understandis that thair is actis of the secreit counsale sufficient in that behalf alreddy, gif the same salbe put to executioun.

Anent the article desyrand that superintendentis may be planted throuchout the haill realme as thair is alreddy in sum partis thairof, my lord regentis grace is content that swa be done, the personis being godlie and leirnit.

Anent the article desyrand that the commissaris may be appointed throuchout the haill realme to cognosce in the caussis of divorcement, my lord regentis grace promittis to tak sufficient ordour in that cuntre be avise of the lordis of sessioun in the nixt sitting doun thairof.

Anent the articles desyrand that remeidy may be providit aganis the chopping and changeing of benefices and fewing of the samyn, diminissing of rentallis, setting of lang takkis in defraude of the kirk, and that all takkis set sen the assumptioun of the thridis may be disannulled, with expres inhibitioun aganis the samyn in tyme cuming, my lord regentis grace ordanis the said article to be weill delaitit and extendit and presentit in the nixt parliament, quhair the same sal haif ane gude answer and resolutioun, quhilk presentlie can nocht be weill done in default of ane speciall and expres law aganis the abuses.

Anent the article desyrand that the jurisdictioun of the kirk may be separat frome all that is civile, my lord regentis grace ordanis the personis nominat in the act of parliament to convene the tyme of the nixt chekker and define and limitat the said jurisdictioun according to the word of God and the said act of parliament.

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  2. Written in margin: 'Answeris to the kirk'.