Names at ye conventioun2

The names of the nobill men and utheris of the estaittis convenit at Perth, otherwyise namyt Sanct Johnnestoun, upoun the xxviij day of Julii, the yeir of God jM vC thre scoir nyne yeris.

James, erll of Murray, lord Abirnethie, regent to oure soverane lord, his realme and liegis

  • Erllis
  • James, erll of Mortoun, lord of Dalkeyth, chancellar
  • George, erll of Huntlie, lord Gordoun and Badyenoch
  • Johnne, erll of Atholl, lord of Bavany
  • David, erll of Craufurd, lord Lindesay
  • Johnne, erll of Mar, lord Erskin
  • Gilbert, erll of Cassillis, lord Kennedy
  • Alexander, erll of Glencarne, lord of Kilmawris
  • Robert, erll of Buchane, lord of Glendowaquhy
  • Williame, erll of Menteyth
  • [Maisters]
  • Williame, maister Marschell, sone to the Erll Marschell
  • Johnne, maister of Grahame, nepote and heyre to the erll of Montroise
  • Bischoppis
  • Robert, bischop of Caithnes
  • Adame, bischop of Orknay
  • Alexander, bischop of Galloway
  • Alexander, bischop of Brechin
  • Johnne, bischop of the Ilis
  • Abbottis and pryouris
  • Robert, commendatare of Dunfermling
  • Johnne, commendatare of Balmerynoch
  • Johnne, commendatare of Coldinghame
  • Alexander, commendatare of Culross
  • Water, abbot of Kinloss
  • Robert, commendatare of Quhitherne
  • James, commendatare of Pettinweme
  • John, pryour of Portmook
  • Lordis
  • Alexander, lord Hume
  • Patrik, lord Lindesay of Byris
  • Williame, lord Ruthven
  • Laurence, lord Oliphant
  • Johnne, lord Glammis
  • Patrik, lord Gray
  • James, lord Ogilvy
  • Robert, lord Sympill
  • Johnne, lord Innermeyth
  • Andro, lord Stewart of Uchiltre
  • Hew, lord Fraser of Lovett
  • Robert, lord Maxwell
  • Williame, lord Borthuik
  • Allane, lord Cathcart
  • Henry, lord Methven
  • Patrick, maister of Drummond
  • Henry, maister of Sinclair
  • Ordinar officiaris
  • Robert, commendatare of Sanct Marie Ile, thesaurare
  • Sir Williame Murray of Tulibardin, knycht, comptrollar
  • Williame Maitland of Lethingtoun, younger, secretar
  • Mr James Makgill of Rankelour Nether, clerk of register
  • Sir Johnne Bellenden of Auchnowle, knycht, justice clerk
  • Mr Johnne Spens of Condy }
  • Robert Creichtoun of Elyok } advocattis to our soverane lord
Commissaris for certane of the cheif burrowis
James Baroun
Alexander Clerk
Alexander Guthre
Alexander Forester of Garden, provest
Robert Forester, younger
William Norwell
Patrik Murray
Thomas Monypenny
Mr James Halieburtoun, provest
James Scrimygeour of Balbewchy
James Lovell
Johnne Fothringhame
Thomas Menzeis of Petfoddellis, provest
Maister Robert Lumisden
Johnne Stewart of Mynto, knycht, provest
James Flemyng
Patrik Lermonth of Dersy, knycht, provest
Mr Martine Geddy
James Bannatyne
Johnne Erskin of Dun, provest

Thir abone namit personages wer present at the said conventioun with a greit nowmer of ancient baronis, diverse senatouris of the college of justice and utheris leirnit men of gude reputatioun.

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  2. An identical sederunt exists in CSP Sco., ii, 663-4.