Judicial proceeding: treason

The quhilk day my lord regent and thre estatis of parliament hes fund that all the personis callit this day, to the nowmer of xviij personis, hes committit tressoune upoune the haill poinctis of the summonids libellit, and supercedis the pronunciatioune of the dome upoune Hew, erle of Eglintoune, Gilbert, erle of Cassilis, Johnne, lord Hereis, Schir William Maxwell, his sone and appeirand air, Johnne, lord Fleming, William, lord Hay of Yester, James Cokburn of Scraling, knycht, Johnne Fleming of Boghall, Johnne Gordoune of Lochinvar, Patrick Hepburn, youngar of Wauchtoune, William Hepburn, youngar of Gilmertoune, Adam Hepburn of Smetoune, Patrick Congiltoune of that Ilk, William Newithoune of that Ilk, David Hamtoune of Fingaltoune, knycht, [...] Hamtoun of Torrence, Robert Hamtoun of Torrence and Cuthbert Hamtoun of Camder, to be pronuncit in presence of the saidis thre estaitis in this present rynnand parliament quhen thai pleis, quhilk thai declair to rin quhill the samyn be declarit to be desert be the saidis estaitis.2

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  2. NAS, PA2/11, p.98 is blank.