Judicial proceeding: summons of treason

19 Augusti 1568

The quhilk day Maister Johnne Spens, advocat to oure soverane lord, in presence of my lord regent and thre estatis of this present parliament, producit the summondis of tressoune and lese majestie rasit at oure said soverane lord and his said derrest regentis instances, aganis ane maist reverend fader in God Johnne, archibischop of Sanctandrois, Claud Hamilton, sone to James, duke of Chattellarault, Gilbert, erle of Cassillis, Hew, erle of Eglingtoune, and certane utheris thair colligis, as at mair lenth is contenit in the said summondis rasit aganis thame thairupoune. And the samyn being red in presence of my said lord regent and thre estaitis of parliament, with the executionis and indorsationis thairof, and the haill personis contenit in the said summondis being thrys callit at the tolbuith windo as use is, and nane of thame comperand, the said advocat repetit the depositionis of the officeris, executouris of the said summondis, with the depositionis of the witness notit thairintill, quhilkis previt sufficientlie the saidis executionis and indorsatiounis upoune the xviij day of August instant in face of parliament, and thairefter [...]2

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  2. Breaks off mid-sentence and bottom half of NAS, PA2/11, p.90 is blank.