Judicial proceeding: summons of treason

The quhilk day, in presence of my lord regentis grace and thre estaitis of parliament, comperit personalie Maister Johnne Spens of Condie, advocat to oure soverane lord, and producit and presentit the summondis of treason underwrittin, dewlie execut and indorsat, gevin under the testimoniall of the greit seill, upoun Johne, sumtym archibischop of Sanctandrois, Claud Hammiltoun, sone to James, duk of Chattellarault, erle of Arane, lord Hammiltoune etc.,2 Alexander Hepburne of Quhitsum, knycht, Patrik Quhitlaw of that Ilk, Maister Johnne Hammiltoune, brother to James Hammiltoune of Samelstoune, James Hammiltoune of Sproustoune, Francis Tennent of Laswaid, Patrik Hepburn of Kirklandhill, Hary Hepburn of Fortoune, Capitane Robert Lauder, Maister Thomas Hepburn, persone of Auldhanstokis, Andro Hammiltoun of Goslingtoun, knycht, Andro Hammiltoun of Cochno, Johnne Hammiltoune, his sone and apperand air, Johnne Hammiltoune of Stanehouse, Andro Hammiltoune of Lekprevik, Maister James Hammiltoune of Nelisland, Alexander Hammiltoune of Nether Feild, brother to Schir James Hammiltoune of Craufurdjohnne, knycht, Robert Hammiltoune, chalmerlame of Kilwynning, Toure Hammiltoune of Garane, James Hammiltoune of Rouchbank, James Hammiltoune of Wodhall, Johnne Hammiltoune of Coltcoit, maister, David Hammiltoune, sone to the guidman of Boithuilhauch, Alexander Somervell of Torbrax, Gilbert, abbot of Newabbay, Thomas, abbot of Halywod, Ferdinando Hume of Brumehouse, for certane crymes of tresone and liesmajestie committit and done be the saidis personis and ilkane of thame specifiit and contenit in the summondis of tressone raisit thairupoune, and desyrit the said summondis to be callit sua that justice mycht be done thairintill as efferis. And thaireftir, the said summondis beand red in face of parliament in presence of the said lord regentis grace and thre estaitis thairof, and the foirsaidis personis respective abonwrittin being thre syndry tymes callit at the tolbuith wyndo to haif comperit this instant day, with continewatioun of dayis, in the parliament quhilk wes begun at Edinburgh, the ellevint day of Julii last bipast, to haif answerit to the said summondis; and the saidis personis, and every ane of thame being lauchfullie callit and nane of thame comperand, and incontinent thaireftir, the foirsaid haill summondis of tressone, with the executionis and indorsatiounis thairof, being red in presence of the said lord regent and thre estaitis of parliament, and the foirsaidis haill personis respective abonwrittin being of new callit at the said tolbuith wyndo and nane of thame compeirand as said is, the said advocatt desyrit Petir Thomsone, Ily herauld, and Johnne Patersone, Snadoun herauld, to be ressavit upoune the probatioun of the indorsatioune and executioune of the said summondis of tressone, quhilk, beand grantit, the saidis Peter Thomsone and Jone Patersone comperit personalie and maid fayth that the executionis maid be thame respective upoune the saidis personis respective abonspecifiit, and upoun the dayis particularie contenit thairin, wes just and trew in the self, as the samin comportis; and for verifeing alsua thairof, comperit personalie Johnne Dewar, Williame Moresone, Walter Pender, Johnne Broune, purssevant, Hew Tennent, Andro Wodderett, witnesses contenit in thair saidis indorsatiounis, and also maid fayth that thai wer present, hard and saw the foirsaidis executionis maid in maner contenit in the saidis executionis and indorsatiounis, and the samin wes just and trew in the self and that thai wer requirit witnesses thairto be the saidis officeris. And siclyk the said advocat producit lettres gevin under oure soverane lordis signet, dewlie execut, relaxand all the foirsaidis personis abonwrittin fra the proces of horning led upoun thame and every ane of thame, for quhatsumevir caus bygane sua that thai mycht, without ony feir, compeir and defend in the said caus, and repeitit the notarietie of the haill caus contenit in the said summondis and thairfoir desyrit forder proces thairupoune, upoun the quhilkis haill permiss abonwrittin, the said advocat askit instrumentis.3

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  2. 'John, lord Fleming, John Fleming of Boghall' added in the margin.
  3. The bottom of NAS, PA2/11, p.52 and pp.53-54 are blank.