Procedure: continuation of parliament

The quhilk day my lord regentis grace and lordis commissioneris of parliament abone wittin continewis this present parliament, with all actiounes and causes dependand, or that salbe persewit, be the kingis grace, his regent, justeice and advocattis, aganes quhatsumevir persoune or persones, for quhatsumevir caus in the samyn forme, force and effect as it is now, but prejudeice of partie, unto the xvj day of August nixttocum; the quhilk day, the kingis grace, his darrest regent and estaitis foirsaidis, will proceid and do farder justeice in the saidis causis, and siclyk anent the treitting of utheris effairis of the realme as effeiris.

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