The declaratioun of parliament maid to the Laird of Lochlevin anent the keiping of the kingis mother in the hous and fortalice of Lochlevin

Anent the supplicatioun gevin in be Williame Dowglas of Lochlevin, beirand that the Erlis of Mortoun, Atholl, Mar, Glencarne, the Lordis Ruthven, Holme, Lindesay, Sempill and diveris utheris honourabill barronis and gentilmen of this realme upon the xvj day of Junii last bypast, be thair letteris subscrivit with thair handis, gaif command to the said Williame Dowglas, upon his dew obedience and as he tenderis the commoun weill of this realme, his native cuntrie, to ressaif our soverane lordis mother in keping within his fortalice and place of Lochlevin, as being ane rowme maist convenient thairto, and keip hir surelie thairintill ay and quhill farther tryall be taine anent the cruell murthour and tressonabill slauchter of umquhile Henry, king, spous to the quene, than our soverane, and the said Williame sufficientlie exonerit and dischargeit of hir said keping, as the letteris and charge direct be the saidis erlis, lordis and nobill men, schawin in presence of my lord regent and thre estatis of this realme beiris; and thairfoir desyring our soverane lord, my lord regent and thre estatis of this present parliament to gif declaratour to the said Williame Dowglas of Lochlevin that he hes done his detfull diligence in ressaving and keiping of our said soverane lordis derrest mother, and thairthrow that he and his aris may be fre of all actioun and cryme that may be imputit to thame thairthrow, and of ony uther thing done to hir sen hir cuming to the said place and fortalice in respect of hir awin declaratioun schawin and producit in presence of my said lord regent and haill estatis of this present parliament, lyke as the said supplicatioun, wrychtingis and chargeis direct thair anent schawin and producit as said is beiris. Our soverane lord, with avise of the said lord regent and thre estatis and haill body of this present parliament, declairis the saidis letteris and chargeis direct to the said Williame Dowglas of Lochlevin in maner abone writtin, to be dewlie and ressonablie direct and procedit upon ane just, trew and sinceir ground and, thairfoir, be censement of this present parliament, authorisis and declairis the samin to have bene dewlie, weill ordourlie and justly direct upon gude causis and consideratiounis. Lyke as alswa our soverane lord, with avise of my lord regent and thre estatis of parliament foirsaid, authorisis and declaris the wrychtingis and declaratioun maid be our said soverane lordis derrest mother upon the xxviij day of Julii last bypast, declairand that scho on na wyse was treitit nor compellit be the said Williame Dowglas of Lochlevin, nor na utheris of his causing, to do ony thing contrare hir plesour sen hir cuming to the said place of Lochlevin, and thairfoir ordanis the saidis letteris, chargeis and utheris wrychttingis abone writtin to be insert and registrat in the buikis of parliament, to remaine thairintill perpetuallie for declaratioun of the said Williame Dowglas trew and just obedience in the said mater; and declairis he hes done his detfull dewithie in obtempering, obeying and fulfilling of the command and charge abone writtin, and decernis him, his airis, successouris and posteritie to be harmles and skaithles thairanent for now and ever; and dischargeis all actioune and cause, criminall and civile, that may be intentit or persewit aganis thame or him for the samin, for now and ever, by this present act.

  1. The Actis of King James the Sext, printed by R. Lekprevick (Edinburgh, 1568), ff.16r-v. Bound with earlier parliamentary material at NLS, Black Acts, 1566-94, H.33.c.21, Scots Acts of Parliament, H.33.c.23 or Scots Acts, H.33.c.25.