Anent thriddis of benefices, grantit in the moneth of December the yeir of God 1561 yeiris, for sustening of the ministeris and uther effairis of the prince

Item, because the ministeris hes bene lang defraudit of thair stipendis, swa that thay ar becumin in greit povertie and necessitie, and notwithstanding hes continewit in thair vocatioun without payment of thair stipendis be ane greit space, quhairthrow thay ar, and salbe, constranit to leif thair vocatioun without remeid be provydit; thairfoir, our soverane lord, with avise of my lord regent and thre estatis of this present parliament, hes statute and ordanit that the haill thriddis of the haill benefices of this realme sall now instantlie, and in all tymes to cum, first be payit to the ministeris of the evangell of Jesus Christ and thair successouris; and ordanis the lordis of the sessioun to grant and gif letteris chargeing all and sindrie intromettouris, or that beis addettit in payment of the samin, to answer and obey to the saidis ministeris and thair collectouris to be nominat be the saidis ministeris, with avise of my lord regent, in forme as effeiris, notwithstanding ony discharge gevin be our soverane lordis mother to quhatsumever person or personis of the saidis thriddis, or any pairt thairof, ay and quhill the kirk cum to the full possessioun of thair propir patrimonie, quhilk is the teindis; provyding alwayis that the collectouris of the saidis ministeris mak yeirlie compt in the chakker of thair intromissioun, swa that the ministeris may be first answerit of thair stipendis appertening to everie ane of thame, and the rest and superplus to be applyit to our soverane lordis use.

  1. The Actis of King James the Sext, printed by R. Lekprevick (Edinburgh, 1568), ff.12r-v. Bound with earlier parliamentary material at NLS, Black Acts, 1566-94, H.33.c.21, Scots Acts of Parliament, H.33.c.23 or Scots Acts, H.33.c.25.