[...] Hay, clerk of the secreit counsale, and reportit ansuer in [...]um to the provest of Edinburgh yisterday tueching the [...]ble of certane ma baronis with certane ministeris [...] as suld happin to be proponit etc., with commissioun and [...] and commissaris already convenit to begin and proceid etc. [...]lowis. Apud Edinburgh, secundo die mensis Decembris [...], forsamekle as my lord regent, wit avyse [...]counsale, wrait to certane baronis and commissaris [...]e in Edinburgh, the xxtj day of November lastbipast, [...]on the materis tobe concludit in the parliament approcheand [...], the quhilkis commissare and baronis divers ar yit absent, quhairthrow [...] tyme is spent and nathing as yit done, thairfoir my lord [...]t, with avyse of the lordis of secreit counsale, ordinis samony of the [...] and commissaris as ar already convenit to begin and proceid in the [...]onit befoir thame, or tobe inventit and fund out be thame selffis; a[...] the place of Walter Lundy of that Ilk, thai ressave and [...]is thame Maister Williame Lundy, his sone and apperand [...] Thomas Scott of Abbottishall; and that thai elect and [...] or thre ma baronis quhilkis ar present in this toun, maist [...]f gretaist experience in poletique effares quhilkis salbe [...] to adjoyne with thame and assist thame. And that Maister [...] Spottiswod, Johne Knox, Maister Johne Craig, Maister Johne Row [...] David Lindesay, ministeris, or ony foure or thre of thame, [...] and adjoynit to the saidis baronis and commissaris of burrowis [...]ing, treating and ressoning of the materis tobe proponit concerning [...] of the kirk. Sic subscribitur de mandato domini regentis et dominorum secreti consilii etc, Alexander Hay.

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