Proclamation: of the acceptance of the regency
Proclamation of the regentrie

Forsamekill as the quene, moder to oure soverane lord the king, the tyme of hir subscriptioun of the commissioun and lettres of procuratorie, by the quhilk scho dimittit and renunceit the governament of this realme in the favouris of oure said soverane lord, considderand that be ressoun of his tendir yowth he wes nocht of abilitie of his awin persoun to administrat in his kinglie rowme and governament as wes requisit, and knawing the peax, unitie and tendirnes of blude standing betuix him and hir dearest bruther James, erll of Murray, lord Abirnethie, of quhais affectioun and kyndlie lufe towartis his majestie and the commoun weill of this realme scho wes and is maist assurit; in respect quhairof, as of the certanty of hir said brotheris sufficiency and gude qualificatioun, hir grace, be hir lettres alsua subscrivit with hir hand and under hir previe seill of the dait abonewrittin, maid, namit, appointit, constitute and ordanit him regent to hir said dearest sone, this realme and liegis thairof, during his minoritie and les aige, and ay and quhill he be of the aige of sevintene yeris compleit, willand that he be callit during the said space regent to oure soverane lord, his realme and liegis, with power to hir said derrest bruther, in name, authoritie and behalf of oure said soverane lord, to use and exerce the said office of regentrie in all thingis, privilegis and commoditeis pertening thairto, siclike als frelie and with als greit libertie as ony regent or governour to the quene or hir predicessouris usit in ony tymes bigane, lyke as at mair lenth is contenit in the commissioun foirsaid past thairupoun, of the dait the xxiiij day of Julii last bipast; quhilk befoir, and in the tyme of oure soverane lordis coronatioun solempnizat upoun the xxix day of the said moneth, wes red, considderit, fund gude and expedient, and be the estaittis than convenit ratiftit, approvit and condiscendit unto. Sen the quhilk tyme, at the plesour of almychty God, the said nobill lord returning to this realme, his native cuntre, considdering the quenis deliberat will and mynd, nocht onelie be hir saidis commissionis bot alswa be hir awin mouth and voce, that he sould accept the said office and charge, for obedience thairof, and movit of the naturall and entiere affectioun quhilk he beris towart the weilfair and preservatioun of oure said soverane lord and commoun weill of this realme, hes acceptit and ressavit the charge and office of regentrie upoun his persoun, and hes gevin his ayth in presens of the lordis of secreit counsall for debtfull administratioun thairof to the plesour of God, oure soveranis honour and commoditie of all the gude subjectis of this realme. Thairfoir, ordanis lettres to be direct to mak publicatioun heirof be oppin proclamatioun at the marcat croce of Edinburgh, and all utheris marcat croces of the heid burrowis and schyris of this realme and utheris places neidfull, that nane pretend ignorance of the samyn; and to command and charge all and sindry the liegis and subdittis quhatsumevir to reddelie answer, intend and obey to the said lord regent in his said office and charge of regentrie during the said space of oure soverane lordis minoritie, and to nane utheris, siclike as ony princes or utheris governouris and regentis hes bene obeyit in tymes bigane, under the pane of tressoun; certifeing all and quhatsumevir personis that dois in the contrair, resistand oure soveranis authoritie and dissobeyand the said regent, thay salbe repute and haldin as plane ganestandaris of his majesteis authoritie, and salbe puneist thairfoir with all regour in exempill of utheris.

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