Procedure: protest
Protestation to the town of Leith

We, skippers of Leith under-subscribing, for ourselves and in name of the rest of the skippers and sailers, inhabitants of Leith, who have the right and profession these many years bygone past memory of man of the right of collection and distribution to the poor, distressed seafaring people of the primegilt within the port of Leith, by virtue of his majesty's and his predecessors' right under the great seal conveyed to us and our predecessors, protest that whatsoever gift or infeftment is or shall be granted and purchased by the burgh of Edinburgh, provost, bailies, council and community thereof, or any others whatsoever, of the said primegilt which is desired to be ratified in this present parliament, shall not prejudice our former rights granted to us thereupon, but that the same may be reserved according to the law. Likewise we also protest that no other right, gift, article or provision now to be ratified shall prejudice us of our rights, liberties, and privileges granted to us by his majesty and his predecessors. And this our protestation, we humbly entreat my lord commissioner, his grace, and the remaining honourable estates of this parliament to consider, that all ratification of gifts, rights and dispositions prejudicial to us may be impeded.

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