Another regarding the bringing in of water to Edinburgh

Our sovereign lord and estates of parliament, considering that for the better effectuating of the commendable purpose intended by the town of Edinburgh of bringing in water from a distance to their said town, it will be necessary for the convoying of the said water that furrows and ditches be dug in the lands and heritage pertaining to their neighbour gentlemen, for the which of all equity there ought some recompense to be made to the said heritor, therefore, and for better order to be taken herein, our said sovereign lord and estates aforesaid have remitted the said matter and consideration thereof to the lords of his majesty's privy council and, by the tenor hereof, give and grant full power and commission to the said lords of privy council to determine and appoint what particular recompense shall be given by the said town of Edinburgh to such heritors of lands through which the water may be convoyed as said is, whose decreet and determination to be given hereupon shall have the full force, strength and authority of an act of parliament until the holding of the next parliament and further until the same decreet be discharged.

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