Ratification to [Alexander Home], earl of Home

Our sovereign lord and estates of this present parliament, considering that his majesty and estates of parliament by a special act of the date at Edinburgh, 11 August, the year of God 1607, dissolved the whole temporal lands of the abbacy of Kelso and cell of Lesmahagow from his majesty's crown with the whole kirks and teinds of the same, to the effect the same might be erected in a temporal lordship in favour of his highness's trusty cousin Robert [Ker], then lord Roxburghe and now earl of Roxburghe, according to the which dissolution infeftment thereafter followed in favour of the said Earl of Roxburghe, in the which act of dissolution and infeftment following thereupon there is special exception of the lands, kirks and teinds following in favour of his highness's trusty cousin Alexander, earl of Home, namely: the lands and mill of Fogo, with their pertinents, the mains of Bogend, with the tower and fortalice of the same, the kirklands of Mellerstain, the kirklands of Home and the kirklands of Gordon lying within the sheriffdom of Berwick, and kirklands of Nenthorn, with the thirty shilling land of Newton lying within the bailiary of Lauderdale; and likewise excepting the kirks of Home, Gordon and Fogo, parsonages and vicarages thereof. And his majesty and estates, willing that the said Alexander, earl of Home, according to the tenor of the said exception, shall hold and enjoy and possess the said lands, kirks and teinds held immediately of his majesty in all time coming, have ratified and approved and by this act ratify and approve the said act of dissolution and exception contained in the same; and further by this act have dissolved and dissolve the foresaid lands, kirks and teinds from his majesty's crown and all annexations made relating thereto and also from the patrimony of the said abbey of Kelso, to the effect the same may be of new conveyedby his majesty to his said trusty cousin, his male heirs and successors, to be held of his majesty for payment of such duty as it shall please his highness to convey the same, with this provision: that the foresaid kirks and each one of them be planted according to the commission of planting of kirks.

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