Procedure: king's commission to parliament

The which day compeared Sir William Oliphant of Newton, knight, his majesty's advocate, and produced our sovereign lord's commission underwritten under the testimonial of the great seal, whereof the tenor follows:

James, by the grace of God, king of Great Britain, France and Ireland and defender of the faith, gives greetings to all good men whom this letter reaches. Let it be known that, with the advice and consent of the lords of our privy council of our realm of Scotland, we have made, established and ordained and by the wording of the present document do make, establish and ordain our beloved kinsmen and councillors Alexander [Seton], earl of Dunfermline, lord Fyvie, our chancellor, Colin [MacKenzie, lord MacKenzie and] lord Kintail, Thomas [Hamilton], lord Binning, our secretary, Peter [Hewitt], commendator of Crossraguel, Lord James Foulis of Colinton, knight, Lord James Richardson of Smeaton, knight, James Nisbet [of Restalrig] and George Foulis [of Ravelston], commissioners of our burgh of Edinburgh, or any nine, eight, seven, six, five or four of them jointly as commissioners of our parliament, giving, granting and entrusting to them, or any nine, eight, seven, six, five or four of them jointly, our full authority and special licence to open, fix, affirm and hold our parliament on 27 May next in Edinburgh, to call suits, fine absentees, prorogue and continue the said parliament, with all actions, cases and appeals pertaining to it as often as needed, and generally to do, say, conduct, use and exercise every single other thing which is necessary or opportune in relation to the foregoing or concerning that; and we do and will hold firm and stable everything and anything which our said commissioners or any nine, eight, seven, six, five or four of them jointly shall have considered it right to do in relation to the foregoing. Therefore we strictly order and instruct each person and all persons having or about to have an interest promptly to obey, respond to and pay attention to our said commissioners of our said parliament specially constituted by us or any nine, eight, seven, six, five or four of them jointly in everything, all and singly, relating to the foregoing or capable of so doing, under every penalty which can be competent in that part. Given under testimony of our great seal in Edinburgh on 25 May in the year of the Lord 1617, and in the fiftieth and fifteenth of our reigns. Upon the production and reading whereof and fencing of the foresaid parliament, the said Sir William Oliphant asked instruments.

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