Regarding measures

Forasmuch as in the parliament held at Edinburgh, 29 July 1587, it was statute and ordained by our sovereign lord and estates of the said parliament that malt, barley and oats, which of before were used to be measured by heap, for eschewing of fraud should be measured by strake2 in all time coming after the date of the said act, whereby by just trial and examination the heap in proportion was found to be the third of the peck or firlot, and that the measures of the firlot and peck should stand universally, receiving and delivering three for two or six for four of malt, barley and oats according to the proportion specified in the said act, which is the 114th act of the said parliament, as in the same at more length is contained; and albeit that the foresaid act be most equitable and reasonable, as also profitable to all our sovereign lord's lieges, yet the same in that part thereof above-written has not taken full effect within any part of this kingdom, therefore the estates presently convened statute and ordain that the foresaid act of parliament shall take full effect and be put to due execution in that part thereof above-specified regarding the mets and measures of malt, barley and oats, and that the same in all time coming shall be delivered and received by strake, by peck or firlot agreeable to the proportion specified in the said act of parliament in all points, receiving and delivering three for two or six for four within the whole bounds of the said sheriffdom of Edinburgh and constabulary of Haddington; and for that effect, ordain letters to be directed for publication of the premises by open proclamation at the market crosses of the burghs of this kingdom, as well of royalty as regality and barony, and other places whatsoever where markets of victual are held. And also commanding and charging all provosts and bailies of all burghs, as well royalty as regality and barony within the bounds foresaid, to put this present act to due execution so far as concerns them so that the same may take full effect within the bounds above-specified.

  1. NAS, PC1/24, 384-385.
  2. Defined in DSL as a levelled as opposed to a heaped measure. A 'strake' was also a cylindrical rod used to level the grain, etc. in a measure.